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    Eckankar Study Group Scam

    I joined an Eckankar study group thinking it would be informative and fun. I was searching for a spiritual study group and thought I had found a good one but I was wrong. I joined an Eckankar Study Group, paid a donation at the end of each class and watched as a horrible drama unfolded before my eyes. One of the class instructors along with the area Eckankar representative looked into a carry bag while one of the class participants was using a toilet. It is very odd rummaging through other peoples personal belongings while those people are in another room. I know she passes information onto another woman who calls herself Annette. This woman is a known police informant. This study group was so corrupt that I went back to the regensburg study group because so much illegal money business was going on. I heard a crippled man say at a meeting at this corrupt study group that he got money to pay for his auto from a foundation when I know he got it from a visiting American business man who regularly passes his money through this study group's Eckankar center. The president of Eckankar in our location does not go to that study groups Eckankar center because he does not want to jeopardize he and his family by being associated with them. It is appalling to see how much people get away with using this Eckankar center and study group to do their dirty business. I have never witnessed a religious study group doing these things. These Eckankar members do tax avoidance and other illicit things as business transactions under noses of tax police here. They make claims they are a student study group when their whole purpose is to use the Eckankar center as a tax shelter and do illegal business transactions under guise of religious meetings. Now I am wondering what I got mixed up in! I am leaving these Eckankar study groups. You should know these things before you join them.
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