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    "photo shot" - can it even be considered a scam? And what's the deal?

    A few times a month, for the past year or two, I've received a very weird letter in the mail. Having finally broken down and searched the text on the internet -- and found nothing, I figured I'd ask here.

    The letter always comes in a hand-written envelope. The return address (when present) is always different.

    The letter says:

    Dear (first name or FULL legal name including middle name - spooky! who knows that?)

    Arrival and Payment Notification

    I wish you a wonderful new week filled with abundance, joy, and treasured moments. May this month bring forth blessings and be your best month this year. I am also using this short message to notify you that I will be back in the states on (date - the last 2 I have is Saturday, May 23, but this probably changes based on the month the letter is sent) and will be available for any of your inquiries about your photo shoot. Please don't hesitate to notify me via email on when you will have your pending payment settled. Our next photo shot meeting will be hilarious as always.


    (Random name that never matches the name on the return address.)

    Every one of these have the final "photo shot" typo.

    What's really weird is that IF they were trying to scam me and get me to send a payment -- or even schedule an appointment it would sure help to give me that email address, or a forwarding address for my payment, wouldn't it?

    To make it more amusing, I haven't had a professional photo shoot since class photos in 6th grade.

    And how and why are they convincing untold numbers of folks to waste their time and stamps sending this junk out?

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    Re: "photo shot" - can it even be considered a scam? And what's the deal?

    This "photoshoot" sounds like a scam. They might not even be there after you prepay. There is a chance they are just trying clever marketing. Hopefully they aren't seriel killers or people that want to kidnap you or harvest your organs.

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