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    desperately searching cancer truth

    Hello, do you know any truth on Sandy Rogg , I desperately want to believe her, she says she cured her cancer with vitamin b17, on her you tube video she said she refuses to make any money and just wants to share her story..then if you link to her blog you can also link to the vitamins & book (which could be a nice way to direct you or is it an affiliate link for the product?) If it's true who would care, but if she went out of her way to say that then she is deceiving people getting paid for their purchase . I don't know what I believe, (of course I'd happily pay if it's true)I'm trying to help my mother and it hurts me so bad to see her suffer, I don't know anyone who has healed cancer. Any help I would appriciate more then I can say, thank you
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    Re: desperately searching cancer truth

    There are a lot of people that have information on cancer cures. I would not trust most of them, but it would not hurt to check them out and talk to your doctor about them. Many cures could be used with chemo and other treatments. Using b17 might be helpful. I think Alimta is a form of Folic Acid and that is being used to treat some patients with mesothelioma.

    See if you can find more than just one person that had success with any cure you hear about. When a person says they don't want money that's a good sign that their may be some truth in what they claim, but it is possible to "hide" affiliate links so they are hard to spot. Do some searches in Google for this person's name or any other information you have. If b17 can help you should find a lot of information on others that have used it.

    I wish you the best of luck in helping your mother.

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    Re: desperately searching cancer truth

    Thank you :)

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    Re: desperately searching cancer truth

    Hi Neilsencl, you were so kind to give me your advice and I was exhausted when I read it, so I came back today..I seen your links and your blog link isn't going thru, but the other two are. I thought you'd like to know that. Have a nice and best wishes to you

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    Re: desperately searching cancer truth

    Thank you for letting me know about the bad link to my blog. I have fixed it thanks to you!!!

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