Sometimes when you have a horrific experience with a business you have to warn others. By far, the worst experience I have ever had as a customer was with Right Now Racing, LLC aka RNR Fabrication located in Cranberry Township, PA. The owner is one Cullen Williams, the biggest D-Bag I have ever dealt with in my life. Do not bring your truck within 5 miles of this clown unless you want it totally fcuked up! I brought my truck to this business to have a heavy duty trailer hitch installed. I knew it would require some welding due to the configuration of this hitch. Simple job, right? Well, here is how the nightmare begins: Drop off the truck & was promised job would take two days max. Three days go by and I hear nothing. I call and leave message. After 5th day of calling with no response I drive to this D-bags shop to see what is going on. I knock on the door and what looks like a meth addicted miscreat answers. Cullen is not around. I explain the situation. He opens the shop. I see the truck and look underneath to see if anything was done. The hitch was not installed but the frame was completely butchered up by a failed welding job. It was horrible. I immediately remove the truck from the premises thank god the keys were in it. Inside the truck reeked like beer. Upon closer inspection is appears Cullen (aka D-Bag) was drinking in my truck and spilled beer all over the seat and carpet. Finnaly had the job dome by a real shop and its cost a fortune because the damage done by Cullen Williams required extensive repair. Ok, now yall have been warned