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    Amtrak train crash HOAX. Shares agenda with Germanwings and Indonesia fake execution

    Amtrak train crash STAGED. Shares agenda with Germanwings and Indonesia fake execution
    Amtrak Engineer Brandon = Germanwings pilot Lubitz = brazilian drugs courier Goularte executed in Indonesia.

    Snip from last episode:
    5. - have the audience accept the (so far covert) genocide of anyone deemed "mentally ill" / "on drugs".
    This is why the cast of the "executed" had: a brazilian who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Same as countless other psy-ops, from shooter in Sandy Hook school to Germanwings pilot.
    Added one day later: "post-execution proof" that "elimination of the mentally ill isn't a crime against humanity": they don't even notice it, "the brazilian did not understand what was happening to him until his final moments".

    The train's engineer, 32-year-old Brandon Bostian, says he has "no explanation" for the crash and "absolutely no recollection of the incident or anything unusual," according to his attorney.

    Stage for Hoax

    Illumianti explaining the used numerolog, as always

    Indonesia: Drugs smugglers: Fake executions. FIVE Agendas:

    Fake Germanwings Crash ALL staged with actors, the dirty version of 9/11 Shanksville

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    Re: Amtrak train crash HOAX. Shares agenda with Germanwings and Indonesia fake execution

    The usual references to parallel scripts
    1, Vaporization, this time not the entire plane but an intact wheel and a tiny piece of fuselage with the airplane's ID but only part of the train
    Emergency personnel work at the scene of a deadly train derailment, Wednesday, May 13, 2015, in Philadelphia. The
    Mayor Michael Nutter, who confirmed the deaths, said the scene was horrific.
    "It is an absolute disastrous mess," he said. "Never seen anything like this in my life."
    aerial cityscape

    2. The bad guy is on stage hours later, served as "psychotic looks hours before":
    Amtrak assistant conductor, Brandon Bostian stands by as Sandra Palmer, center, says goodbye to her boyfriend, Clyde Simpson, before he boards the train at the Amtrak station in St. Louis.

    3. Another episode of the series "crippled human cattle in wheel chairs" that had its peak at the fake Boston marathon bombings.
    Note the extra parallelism: staged shortly before actor "Joker Tsanaev" is sentenced to death.

    Boston Marathon bombings: FIVE illuminati milestones. the last one is not about Joker Tsanaev, it's about YOU:
    one of the agendas of this psy-op is to have the audience accept execution of anyone for any "crime"

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