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    affiliatecashvault.com Pyramid Scheme

    This Pyramid Scheme is ranked top in ClickBank

    The website emphasizes on the "free life you shall live after joining"
    and says nothing about the business. Very likely the "business" is just getting more and more people trapped into the scheme. It is ranked top in clickbank, this is really unacceptable. The ranking is achieved by an extremely high commission (75%) affiliate program.

    http://www.paidrefunds.com/ is another scam.
    paying out so much money to doing refunds.
    totally absurd, I don't believe there is anyone who actually invests in it.
    Also the website is not Truste member but they manually put a logo on it.

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    Re: affiliatecashvault.com Pyramid Scheme

    Rebates.....wow -hmmmm

    If it's an instructional EBOOK, it is not a scam, it is an EBOOK. You are buying someones intellectual property. (It is a file.) (An instruction booklet.)

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    Re: affiliatecashvault.com Pyramid Scheme

    testing 123

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