Lazy $30 Opportunity + Tutorial (US and Non-US)

Based on feedbacks, the site is paying.

Referral Value = $30/head


An offer should be completed to get credited and before you can start. FREE and Paid offers are available.

1. Register to the SITE.
2. Verify and login.
3. Make your account "GREEN"

For Top Countries:
US / Canada / UK / Australia / Denmark / France / Germany / New Zealand / Norway / Spain / Sweden

a. Go to "offers"
b. Complete offers worth 1 credit.
c. Once 1 credit is completed, your account will go "Green".

Clear browser cache and cookies before completing each offer or offer may fail to get credited.

For Other Countries:

a. No offer is available. How to go "Green"?
b. Refer 1 person (from top countries) who can completed the 1 credit for you.
c. Admin will email you if your referral completed the said 1 credit.
d. Once completed, sign in to your account
e. Go to support page and open ticket
f. Write the following:
Subject: International User
Question: I am an international user (outside the countries above). I have a direct referral who has gone green with the email xxx. Please activate my account so I can continue working.

g. Wait for their confirmation message.
h. Check if your account is already green.
i. Once okay you can now proceed referring people.

Remember 1 referral = $30.

Go and make some money.