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    The Spongebob Movie

    Just what Sponge Bob needed was another movie....I Can not tell you how awful it was!

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    Re: The Spongebob Movie

    I've actually heard good things from fairly mature people I know.

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    Re: The Spongebob Movie

    I agree. The first one was funny. The second one is unwatchable.

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    Re: The Spongebob Movie

    Funny, when I saw this movie, I watched it out of curiosity on what kind of story like their could be to hold interest of viewer for more than the half hour TV shows. The only thing that was funny is that people would pay to see this movie. Hey, I watched Sponge Bob for years having kids who loved it, and yes, I laughed many times, but this movie was not nearly as funny overall as many episodes were. Glad I watched it for free at home, would never forgive myself if I took kids to movies and wasted $30. on average based on ticket prices and snack costs. lol

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    Re: The Spongebob Movie

    a friend of mine said that spongebob is gay. Don't know the reasons why he believes that this highly popular cartoon character is downright homo.

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