hai Friends, is there any option to take action against job termination ?Pls provide your suggestion.
In Vendhar TV ( SRM group pudhiya thalaimurai ) There is a mental physco who is called pandiyaranjan (News head). He sacks and terminates all employees who donít cooperate for his corruption in the company .
For Example : He finalizes a salary to a staff as 15000/- and but he gives report to the company that he gives salary as 30000 /-. Which means he takes 15K salary as his profit from each employee. He is giving over work load more than 14 hours to all staffs. Pandiyaranjan does not give any offer letter or appointment order to any staff who joins in vendhar TV as the employee must not fight in future for his rights through labour inspector or labour legal needs and he doesnít allow female staffs to leave office on time. He doesnít give any optional leaves to staffs, no timings and all staffs has to work more than 14 hrs for less salary.Employees from new company when they get offer letter from vendhar TV (SRM group) and they feel that they got a new secure job and they leave jobs from current companies. But after joined in vendhar TV Pandiyaranjan mental that fellow black mails to all employees that he will terminate any time if they donít support for his nasty needs.People have lots of commitments and loans and they have EMI and other needs to pay monthly wise. But this TV vendhar channel pandiyarajan first talks in a sweet manner later terminates all staffs