FENVIR is a scam to steal your credit card information

herpesproductsthatwork.com - a fake review website created by fenvir. The product i ordered is not fda approved. In fact when I called the FDA, they have no record of this product whatsoever.

They sent me a bottle of half empty pill casings and when asked about the problem they sent me out another bottle with even more defective pills and caused me a very bad allergy. When i asked for a full refund they declined , even though its in their policy. Then when the month is over, they charged me again and shipped another box of their stupid pills. I have to call Bank of America and ask them to block any future charges from this company. This company is a scam.

Many users found out that FENVIR is promoting fake reviews (affiliated websites) to lure people to buy their product and it possibly contains ingredients that might cause cancer:


After spending sometimes to research, the company behind FENVIR is Strictly Health Corp. This company is rated F by the BBB.


If you google “Strictly Health Corp scam”, there are hundred of complaints against this company. They have been scamming people for years selling diet pills and other junk crap online.

Their selling tactic is to create a bunch of fake review sites. To sell their “BioMazing HCG” diet pills, they made this website: weightlossguide.com. They are very good at making up fake review sites to sell their products – this is a gross violation of FTC rule. They are toying with the public health with no remorse.

Here is their business model: Create fake review site ---> Sell fake dangerous pills ---> Steal customer's credit card information and charge monthly for it.

Since I got herpes and was looking for information, I never imagine of seeing so many scam artists trying to sell us crap on the internet. Try to search for herpes treatments on Google and you will see tons of shitty products showing up. Personally I will only use products prescribed by my doctors now. You will never know what these scam artists will do once they get a hold of your credit card information.