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    Wealth Pools Pyramid Scheme

    Wealth Pools Pyramid Scheme is an example of a product based pyramid scheme. Do you have any experience with this? Participants were able to profit from others signing up and not from the sales of DVDS.

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    Re: Wealth Pools Pyramid Scheme

    I advise anyone thats getting into any kind of wealth making system to be very careful in not being mislead by others claiming to have success. If its too good to be true it probably is. I was introduced to the g1g4.com site by a friend of our family. I am throughly convinced that this program does not live up to its expectation. after trying to promote the site that one of my family paid for I have vigorously tried to promote the website without any success. Save your money and save your time dont even bother. Think about it this way the one that started early with the program are more than likely the only ones making any money all the rest are mostly suckers that just got reeled in like fish on a hook.

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