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    Science Advisory Board Scam ?

    I've received these emails for over a decade, answering surveys for a chance at a free gift card, thinking that it's like getting a freebie for signing up on a vendor's email list at a scientific trade show. However, I have yet to find out what it is they actually do, and of course, I have never won a gift card. Are they just a data mining company? A for-profit company collecting personal/demographic info from scientists by making them think it is for a good scientific cause, then they just sell the info to marketers (sham)? All these years and I have yet to figure out the story behind them... Thanks in advance. Here's one of the many regular emails I get:

    Dear Dr. XXXX,
    You and your colleagues depend on a large number of suppliers to equip your lab with instrumentation and consumables. Which of these companies stand out for their superior product quality and reliable support?

    The Science Advisory Board invites you to vote for your preferred life science companies as best-in-class in meeting the needs of the scientific community. For just a few minutes of your time, you will be entered into a drawing for one of three $500 gift cards. Additionally, you will be given exclusive access to a unique buying guide that will provide invaluable insight into future purchasing decisions.

    We invite you to begin the questionnaire by clicking on our secure link:
    Take the Questionnaire (approx. 15-20 minutes)

    How Can You Get More Out Of Your SAB Membership? Exciting things are happening over at scienceboard.net! We have a new rewards catalog, SAB member-driven infographics, and more. Plus, take this opportunity to update your user profile, which helps us better understand your expertise!

    Questions? You may reply to this invitation or email
    us at [email protected].
    The Science Advisory Board Rewards Catalog

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    Re: Science Advisory Board Scam ?

    I get them too,especially from magazines. mostly the ones from outfits like Lab manager,CLN, ,etc are attempts to evaluate products or the advertising for products. do I like them, would I visit the website,etc. so they really are a ploy to get some marketing done. sometimes they also get your name and address so they can mail product advertising to you. I never really won a gift card. but the thought of it acts to entice e you to complete the survey.:

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    Re: Science Advisory Board Scam ?

    Reminds me of Publishers Clearing House. I have been buying magazines for decades and never won a prize
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