Me>Hello....(wait, wait wait)
[INDENT] Hello
hello, this is Frank from Windows Services(heavy accent in his voice I'm guessing from India), we have been receiving error messages from your computer stating that it is in need of service and (blah blah blah, they have been calling me every day I tuned it out)
Sir, are you still there?
Sir, is your computer on? (really? how would it be sending messages if it wasn't?)
Me>No, I'll put you on hold while I go boot it up. (I press hold and speakerphone then continue to cook dinner for my family. I can hear all the other scammers in the backround running their scam on other people. This last for 10min, then the line goes silent. Satisfied I hang up)
*immediately the phone rings
Yes, Sir, is your computer booted up yet?
Me>No I'm working on it hold on. (Hold, speakerphone again. Continue making dinner. Another 10min! I am actually giddy at this point. Phone goes silent, I hang up)
*Phone rings immediately again
Sir is your computer on yet?
Me>There is something wrong, I think your right my computer is messed up, I'm working on it
Me>(calmly)I almost got it hold on (Hold, speakerphone. I can't even cook dinner anymore I am so excited this has gone this far. But only after 2min this time the phone goes silent. I hang up and the phone doesn't ring right away. Happy with a little adrenaline in my system I go back to cooking)
*5min later, phone rings, it can't be, YES!
Sir, is your computer on yet?(Like he didn't just yell at me)
Me>Yes, but there is something really weird going on, you are totally right my computer is messed up.
Can you describe to be what you see and I can tell you what is wrong?
Me>Yeah, I think (I'm trying to hold myself together, I am so pumped up I feel like I'm going to explode) Everything is change around and my backround is change, oh my god what is...
Sir, please describe it to me in detail
Me>Yeah it is, its a, my backround picture has been changed to a picture of your MOM!
AHHHH you MOTHAFUCKA I FOR SURE CALL YOU AGAIN (phone goes silent, no calls since)