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    which team to join in Fruta Vida???

    Looking to start this, but lost on what team to join, so I can really make money in this!!!

    PM me

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    Re: which team to join in Fruta Vida???

    First time I ever seen Fruta Vida on this website. I have been a Fruta Vida member for like a year now and collect my 360 dollars every single month. I do have to spend 149 dollars in order to get that though.

    I am not a bid MLM person but my father in law talked me into this saying that I did not have to do anything on this and "viola" it worked. Unfortunately I knosome people for whom it did not work as they joined the wrong matrix. It is very tricky and if you find yourself ahead of some people who are going to do some serious legwork. You are gonna make some loot. Otherwise, just enjoy your product, which is not too bad but a little expensive.


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    Re: which team to join in Fruta Vida???

    Hi thecatthatcameback :)

    I have been with Fruta Vida for about 2 months now...and eventhough it is important to chose your upline wisely, you have to make sure that you have the desire to go out there and work your bootie off to make it happen!

    If you join something and it doesn't have a system...then you are following your gut. But if you join an opportunity that has a system in place and people that are always there to help you when you have questions, then it will become easier and eventually second nature.

    My first approach into this business was my warm market...Can you believe that I went from a size 14 jean to a size 10!! In two months!! That is how I got my first few partners! I would go visit my friends and they would notice the weight loss and would sign up either on the spot or a few days later! How easy is that. Now I get emails from them telling me how energized they feel...and that when they used to feel tired at work, it's not as bad anymore! I love helping people feel better ;)

    If you are ready to begin PM me or if you have anymore questions, let me know!!

    Lots of luck!

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    Re: which team to join in Fruta Vida???

    Not being an expert in evaluating the miriad of juices, powders, pills and
    other assorted miracle potions, you'll be asked to " warm- recruit" family,
    friends and everybody else you know, immediately creating a large number
    of people who will avoid you like the pox.
    Having been a member of HERBALIFE, I've gone through the whole gamut
    of the MLM machinery.
    I am reasonably sure that you are being asked to purchase greater and greater quantities of product, in order to go to the "Higher Level" of discounts!
    The thousands of people who 'religiously' work their fannies off, guarantee
    the originators the lifestyles you see in their literature.
    This, being just MY opinion,and experience, doesnt mean that there aren't
    people who do well, even the tremendeous profits of 200.00 dollars a month!

    I am sure, that are people within this forum, who might be able to advise
    you as to other businesses you'd be able to work from home.

    Good to ya, mate.

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    Re: which team to join in Fruta Vida???

    testing 123

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