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Thread: Sfi?

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    I was curious if anyone has been involved with this organization or knows anything about it?

    This time I will ask before I leap. ;)

    Thank you in advance for your input. :)

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    Re: Sfi?

    I have a while ago. I sponsered 326 people into SFI. It's free to join but you have to uprage to a monthly purchase to make money. My highest check was only $68 a month because no one would upgrade. Beware of anything that is FREE to join. It may take a while to see a decent profit. I still am a member of SFI as millions of other people are buy really don't work it. I make more money in direct sales now because I am paid first and the company last. They have an eagle co-op that will bring people in for you, but they have to buy for you to earn. Hope this helps.

    Haywood DeJarnette
    [email protected]

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    Re: Sfi?

    I believe this company is a scam because my mother is currently with SFI and she tried to get a loan from a company that SFI is promoting on their website which the loan company is a scam. Birds of the same feather flock together :mad:

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    Re: Sfi?

    testing 123

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