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    Anyone heard of "Asurance Diverse Marketing Concept" ?

    Has anyone ever heard of this company or anything like it? I recently joined it and i am not sure if it is a big mistake. I already paid to join their company. I am not sure if it is a scam or not. Their plan is for people to play casino. They make you a website and try to draw customers to play at your site. If they lose, you get 30% of the money they lose. Is this a scam? I think their website is under construction but its www.asuranceplus.com

    Tanks a bunch really appreciate it!

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    Re: Anyone heard of "Asurance Diverse Marketing Concept" ?

    Yes, I heard of it, and like you, I signed up for it. Tell me, have you gotten the email that is supposed to tell you how to log in to your own account yet? One week + and still waiting. I will be searching even more to find these people. I am not happy so far.

  3. 11-11-2005, 03:16 AM

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    Re: Anyone heard of "Asurance Diverse Marketing Concept" ?

    Hi Shearra,

    Thanks for your reply. I sighed up and paid for the set up fee. But I didn't sign for the second charge of "Advertising" fee before I feel skeptical about this company. But they charged my money for it already. I asked the refund from them, they refused to do so. I am doing the disput through my credit card company. It is tough. email me if you like.

    Good luck !

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    Re: Anyone heard of "Asurance Diverse Marketing Concept" ?

    testing 12345

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