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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    I know a little about them. I attended their free class in Biloxi, MS and at the end of the class I put up $99 to attend their 3 day workshop in Mobile, AL. I have attended the first two days and at the end of today the bomb was dropped about how much these additional classes would cost. They range from $8,000 to $39,000. I learned a little in the last two days. More than I knew before I came here, but there was a lot of pumping up of the other classes and how we would never be successful if we didn't take the other classes and how we needed to do whatever it took to come up with the money. They make it all sound so good, like we are all just going to it rich. I am in my hotel right now and I went online to see what I could look up about the wealth intelligent academy and I found them on rip-off.com. I can't say for sure that this is a scam, but it certainly makes me think twice. Tomorrow I am getting up early to go to the hotel to let the people going in know what they might possibly be getting into.

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    Three years ago I purchased a Star Trader package including 2 courses and a week long one to one metorship package for $17,000. My sister and I had both lost substancial amounts in the market previous to the star trader investment. My sister had developed such a jaded opinion about the market that I decided to do something about it. I introduced her to Startrader as a birthday present and paid for some education for the both of us.

    Since then we have done a lot of additional reading and have set weekly routines to keep our momentum going. We are both ruthless trader selectors and trade with caution. We also regularly search around to see if other programs offer similar charting and selection programs. Why pay $100 per month for the software maintainance when you can get it elsewhere for free? Problem is that we haven't found anything out there yet that is as good.

    The courses we took, one on charting in Salt Lake and one on option strategies in Ft. Lauderdale, were worth every cent. Of the two courses the charting course was fabulous and would recommend it. Both courses offered lots of time to review the content so that the concepts were understood. The mentorship program in Boca Raton was of real value as we learned and experienced so much about calculating and determining exit points. It gave us so much more clarity and confidence in our trade selections.

    After the Salt Lake course my sister said to me that, "this is one of the best things we have ever done together." That alone was worth the investment.

    Education always has a cost to it, Star trader is not a cheap program however ignorance has cost both of us more.

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    I know of a 'simple 1 step system' that makes several thousand points a year mechanically (per conract). I've been play-testing it for a while now, and it seems to work. I may try it for real, even though I don't really trade as such. I'll let you know how it goes. BTW, it's FREE!!!

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Angel
    I know of a 'simple 1 step system' that makes several thousand points a year mechanically (per conract). I've been play-testing it for a while now, and it seems to work. I may try it for real, even though I don't really trade as such. I'll let you know how it goes. BTW, it's FREE!!!
    Youve been play testing it if you were 100% confident in it youd be trading it live.Why are you developing trading systems when you "dont really trade as such" , is it to rip off people who do yes?And of course it is NOT free , you will be trying to sell it and of course have some pathetic ebook with it :D

    Ask yourself somethings anyone who reads this,

    Why do you think these companies go to all this trouble with all this capital outlay to provide training programs and systems?

    To get your money to trade with.

    Why would they need to do that?

    Because it removes 100% risk from trading when they are trading with your money they just earned for showing you the basics of trading , which you could go to the library and learn for free.When they use your money to trade with they are risking nothing.


    If someone invests 2 million to create trading software then sells it to people at a total sales of 5 million.They made back there 2 million then they take 1.5 million for there time another 1.5 they trade with.That 1.5 there trading with has absolutely no risk whatsoever as its not there money.So if they profit from trading it well thats good but if they lose it oh well no big deal start another training program and earn some more

    Its that simple.
    No paid training or software is any better or unique than the free information that it comes from.
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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    Star trader and "Teach me to Trade" are in the business of selling you hugelly expensive trading lessons, up to 25-$40,000.00.
    HOWEVER if you take the 3 day training class which both of these companies offer for 1-300 dollars you will recieve a lot of information and literature in a crash course which is aimed at exposing you to charting, stock trends, options and other trading information. This is all meant to sell you the more expensive systems but there is a lot of information laid out for the novice: I recommend going to the 3 day course at the beginning and then a year later when you will retain more. Surely these 3 day courses are well presented and a good source of basic stock training, just leave your money, credit cards, and checkbook at home!!!!

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    You guys are *****ing about two different companies and products that have nothing to do with each other.

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    I took the course about 10 years ago - don't remember the cost - $2-3,000 I think. Lots of detail about the definition of what options are, spreads, etc - stuff you can get from a library book. Their stock selection module (one of the 5 stars) was weak - so on which stocks do you apply these great ideas? I did do a ratio back spread or two but never really got the hang of making money with the info. Most all these guys tell you what options are - not how to make money with them. Go to your library. Read!

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    I don't know about this one, but I know of an opportunity that has been around for over 17 years and provides excellent income, training and support. For more information, visit www.PowerToProduceWealth.biz and www.SixFigureIncomeSchool.com. Learn how to change YOUR financial future at these website links! I did and it changed my life!

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    Star Trader together with Trade Seeker are software products that you can use if you want to make a living as a day trader or supplement your existing income by trading stocks and options. They both help you identify market situations (ie. entry points) where there may be an opportunity to make a trade that may make you some money. Likewise, you can lose money too. I would not recommend anyone use Star Trader or Trade Seeker software without first making the commitement to yourself to be serious about trading in the stock market.

    In order to get any value out of Star Trader and Trade Seeker you should either already know how to trade or plan to make a larger monetary investment in classes that teach you trading. I use Star Trader and Trade Seeker and it has paid off for me but only after I spent almost $17,000.00 on trading education where what they provide to me helps me in my tading activity. I learned all about stocks and options, how to research and gather information, how to setup entries and exits, and most importantly, how to manage risk and learn how to emotionally detach yourself from the making and losing money part.

    I've made every penny back and then some. Star Trader and Trade Seeker both help me FIND the opportunities. Once I FIND them, the setting up of the trade, execution of the trade and exit of the trade is all up to me. It wasn't untill I mastered the emotional separation that I began to be successful at trading both stocks and options. Greed and Hope are the two main emotions you need to control because they BOTH will cost you money big time.

    It wasn't untill I actually traded every day, followed stocks and the market and the news and the earnings and the indexes and the interest rates and..well you get the picture. Don't get me wrong, I work less than I ever have in my life and get paid much much more for it without having to deal with a unreasonable boss or sniveling peers or underlings. But unless you have some understanding about the market and how to trade, Star Trader and Trade Seeker really won't help you too much.

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    I have traded for 10 years. I have used star trader. I paid about $16K for there program. Its a good education for some one who dosen't know how to trade. there charting program is real good or it was at one time. But there trade seeker program doesn't work for the smart trader. They won't give the trader that trades naked calls or puts the real trades. They try to teach people to trade speads. Spread trading is for people who want to trade complicated trades to make a lot less money. There is only a few times you should trade spreads. Of course they make a lot more money if you choose there spread trading course becuase you have to buy anouther program to get the trades. Spread traders don't make much money when you are right. But you loose less when you are wrong. There mentorring is much to expencive for what you get. They confuse you in the seminar by talking about another mentorring program or just lying about the one they offer with the course. $8K for 3 days with the mentor is to much for what little you get out of it. They said you would be able to get your mentors trades from a web site. But my mentor didn't trade much or even trade the same way I do. He makes his money by being a mentor. I lost $30K trading with there program.

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    Re: Does anyone know abt star trader?

    testing 12345

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