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    Ponzi Nemesis Helps 12DailyPro!

    Yes folks, that's a fact.

    Quite indirectly and unintentionally of course. But do you realize by Ponzi Nemesis' numerous slanderous posts on multiple groups & forums all over the web, he has actually advertized for 12Daily? He is giving it public exposure, and even though he is saying terrible things about the program, enough people see through the lies and because they want to see the truth for themselves they visit 12Daily's web site and many join when they see it is NOT what Ponzi Nemesis says!

    Plus where PN posts his lies, several members of 12Daily come and show proof of how the program really is, which attracts people to join. I'll confess, if not for Ponzi Nemesis / 12DPFacts and these hot threads here I would probably never heard of 12Daily and therefore would have never joined!

    So Ponzi Nemesis, thanks for the advertizing, as twisted as your methods are! :p

    And if PN had anything to do with the recent DDOS attacks on 12Daily, even that had a possitive outcome because despite the website being down they still paid, and they proved they have an administration that cares about their members and worked through the whole weekend and communicated regularly with members.... thus adding more to their image as #1!

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    Re: Ponzi Nemesis Helps 12DailyPro!

    I'll have to agree with you there... I'm thinking about Joining and I have a bout 6 co-workers who want to see how it works for me. If I make money they'll come in as my referrals and they have a LOT more to invest than I do...

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    Re: Ponzi Nemesis Helps 12DailyPro!

    testing 12345

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