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    Re: 12dailypro and other autosurf sites? Scams??

    Quote Originally Posted by cito
    That's your opinion, not the opinion of thousands of people that have thanked me through the years for warning them about thousands of ponzi scams that have collapsed. Call me what you will but I have saved a ton of people from losing their shirt on these ponzies. When I say, it is a ponzi scam it is and I have proven that as all the ponzies I have warned against ALL HAVE COLLAPSED! 10 year now! I know them ponzies inside out. Again, call me what you will, believe what you will, I don't care.

    If you knew what an autosurf was, you wouldn't be asking those silly questions about one.

    12DP is interesting because it isn't falling apart like others have.

    There is nothing interesting about 12dailypro. This ponzi scam is been on the internet a few months only. It is just another ponzi that is lasting longer than others. Now, this one is going down and going hard. People should get their money out as soon as they can, if they can. Anybody long enough around these ponzies know that this one is going down and without parachutes!

    You keep treating these ponzies as if they were legal business, they are not and soon you will wake up!

    so who defines what's legal!?the law!you must be on crack!?got a good lawyer!you can beat any rap!!did you see o-jay!?he"s innocent you know!?so what is the real concern here!?equality of financial opportunity!?are the innocent greedy!?are the innocent dumb!?are you the savior of mankind!or just the dark prince of authority and compliance.what is your REAL concern!?i have yet to understand it!!and you have yet to show it!!enough of this newby stuff!!(fightin over the ignorant go alongs)get to the point!!hehe!!just askin!!hehe!!

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    Re: 12dailypro and other autosurf sites? Scams??

    Quote Originally Posted by UteDevil
    I'm not treating this as anything outside of a research project. I don't need to wake up, I'm not sure you understand when to use that phrase :confused:

    I've gone and read through MANY of your posts and nowhere do you provide any credible evidence about the legitimacy of this program. It's impressive that English is your 4th language, I'm only on 3, but your grasp of the english language is not absolute. If it were, you wouldn't get so riled up over intelleigent conversation and you wouldn't resort to name-calling and silly retorts about t-bones. That kind of language is the basest of the base and is really rather meaningless. And if you knew anything about burden of proof, you'd know that you can't convince anyone against their will without PROOF and usually 2 or 3 independent pieces of proof or witnesses.

    So, I'd love to get some intelligent conversation and some proof here on this site but I don't think it's possible. I'll keep lurking in case anything good comes up. I've also been perusing talkgold and it's no better other than the SN talkgold has done some research and vindicated the admin of 12dp of some wrongful accusations - that's someone looking for and finding proof.

    That's the kind of proof I'll find about 12dp soon. :)

    Yeah, you need to woke up. You were naive but now you are being plain stupid. I seriously doubt a moron like you can have 3 degrees. I'm not trying to convince anybody and less a person that has an agenda like yourself. I'm sure you haven't read any of my posts; otherwise you would not be posting so much brainless crap. I mean, the cheerleaders post brainless crap but yours won the cake! Your questions have been answered tons of times. I expected you to have a brain but obviously you don't. Evidence is right in front of your eyes for people with a brain and you are still asking stupid questions. It is common sense! It is experience, it is evidence and I have shown them through all my posts. Go put your money in that ponzi and try it for yourself. I don't care. I do care about the newbies you crooks like to promote ponzies to.

    About Talkgold doing some research on the scammer running 12dp and vindicating him/her, Talkgold is just another member of that forum. He is the owner and that was his opinion and who knows if it is true.

    Now, see if you have a hidden agenda here? You believe what Talkgold (a stranger - a post) has to say about the verification, but you won't believe honest members of this forum who have presented evidence that 12dp is a scam? Long time members of this forum, even mods have declared this scheme a ponzi scam. Why don't you believe them? What's different from believing Talkgold's words in the screen. Simple, you are nothing but a wolf, and a retard one, under sheep skin trying to manipulate newbies of this forum. You don't have 3 degrees. You problably haven't finished 6th grade with that brain of yours and your stupid posts.
    Last edited by cito; 12-22-2005 at 03:09 AM.

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    Re: 12dailypro and other autosurf sites? Scams??

    12dailypro.com ponzi scam is almost gone. Nobody is getting paid newbies.

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    Re: 12dailypro and other autosurf sites? Scams??

    testing 123

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