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    Re: Wiccans Beat Christians

    Quote Originally Posted by boone
    Any Wiccan "victory" on this earth is going to be very micro in size one day, when their "white magic" beliefs have to be accounted for. They will in no way be able to justify them. (As a side-bar, the few Wiccans I happened to come across in this life tried to cast spells and had pentagram-shaped candle set-ups, stuff like that- one told me prior to disclosing that he is Wiccan, that he is an athiest- I always could tell before he diclosed these "little bits" of info. that something wasn't right with him...now you tell me that isn't evil, a counter-balance to all that is good.) It is down-right scary...but I have Our Father in Heaven protecting me from such hooey. He has helped me many times- divine intervention- on many things I have asked, and in situations where I could of been knocked through a loop w/o His help.

    One day, (and not far off, as we are all little blips on the time-line), we will all stand in front of our Maker, and He will be the final judge.

    that is really sad how bad youve been duped...but to each his own i guess---long as you leave other people alone with your banter

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    Re: Wiccans Beat Christians

    Hey, do you happen to be at Umbdie-dumdie??? Univ. of MN Duluth? If so, cool!

    Thanks for your perceived concern, I guess, but I have to ask: been duped by what? I am at this point very concerned for you, I guess, if I interpret your reply correctly.

    And leave other people alone? banter? Could you please expound on this?

    This is a discussion board, am I not correct?

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    Re: Wiccans Beat Christians

    It is not that they broke the law or that these wiccans got all pissy. It all goes to show what kind of country we live in. A pretty shttiy one that takes things way too serious. I mean really who cares if the man on your right prays to dogs and the man on your left prays to god.

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