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    Celebrity Galleries International

    This will get rolling on it's own I am sure but for now see where it is all starting on the International Galleries, Inc. thread.

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    This company does not belong on scam.com!!! This is a new company and is owned by a very successful man, Bruce Bise, who has helped thousands of people get rich in another company before. It was GMT, and i had friends who became millionaires with it. I am not going to miss this one because i didn't listen to them last time, and they got rich and i didn't. Please take this company down off of this board. They really don't deserve to be here!

    Fyi, i was planning a trip to dallas next week (already have my tickets) to take a serious look at this company along with 3 friends. Two of my friends canceled out on me this morning just because you talked about Celebrity on scam.com. This is not fair. You post untrue statements about a company you know nothing about and people reading it change their plans based on your false opinions! How rediculous is that! Don't judge or criticize things you no nothing about. Celebrity Gallery is a good company lead by honorable people who are giving people an honest chance to earn some big money. Leave them alone and let them do it. Mr Bise has a incredible success record and I'm one of many who just happens to think he's a bout to launch the biggest thing of his life. Please give him that chance.


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    Bruce Bise Scam / Celebrity Galleries International

    Celebrity Galleries is run by expert scammer Bruce Bise. www.worldwidescam.com

    Some say Bruce tops the top 10 in MLM scams. after meeting Bruce I'd agree. Fast talker but never says anything.

    He was behind the autoresponder MLM scam GMT (get moving today) ipromotions and a host of other products that people didn't need. As stated on the World Wide Scam website, 'who needs 27 auto responders?"

    Bruce has been in prison and been convicted numerous times for scams.

    Celebrity Galleries is doomed from the start not only because of Bruce but also because of the product. No one needs autographed memorabilia. It makes a horrible MLM product regardless of what the market numbers say. I can get an autographed football from reliable sources for alot less.

    This guy claims to be a christian, even his sister and brother were in on the GMT scam. you can also find them as executives at www.pcxplayer.com. Ah how small the internet makes this big ole world.

    Funny thing about Bruce's story is he claims to have found christ in prison.

    His criminal record shows he was released in the late '90's. www.worldwidescam.com

    If he found Jesus in the late 90's, why did he run another scam (his third) in 2003 /04? I guess Jesus continues to forgive and forgive and forgive.

    Run, don't walk from this guy. www.worldwidescam.com

    You can also find more info on the Bise family scam at other scam sites.

    Some say the GMT scam also known as Bruce Bise and now Celebrity Galleries was masterminded by Bruce while in prison. You'll find photos of his prison record, his past scams and more at www.worldwidescam.com

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    docb Guest

    Re: Celebrity Galleries International


    Hello ...call me Greg Stuwart


    I can tell you exactly how much you will make, - A company with a motto that absolutely everybody

    gets paid - EVERYBODY! This is happening now!!

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    http://www.gmt101.com ID 100107085 is worth a barrel load of money ... no one can lose ... everyone makes money....I will put my mother in this ...she would lose in a binary because she could not build the other leg.... with GMT when you join everybody gets in line to get paid by all the new people coming in ...everyone makes money...and those that sponsor make more....Greg.

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    plan. This simply means that we all benefit from

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    You must attend one of our calls to hear about it

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    program! Those who take an active role by

    recruiting new members will increase their

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    Currently, anyone worldwide can acquire a

    free position.

    Those who reside in the USA can activate their

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    As of Wednesday, August 21, our friends in

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    In the very near future the program will be

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    Greg Stuwart




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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    Amazing. I reqwuested that you not post about Celebrity Galleries on scam.com and you run wild posting negative things. The links you posted did not work for me so I cant document what youve said about mr. Bise. Regardless, you are still being unfair., Suppose he did make a mistake in the past and go to prison. Is he the first person to do this? Does he not deserve another chance or is he always guilty for the rest of his life deseerving of his name to be plastered on scam.com. Why don't you give him a chance to open his company and make a go of it before you crucify him just based on what you believe he's done before?

    I'm not educated and have recently lost my job. Im from a small industrial town in the NE and jobs are scarce. Our 2 main factories closed and its bleak for jobs. Somebody like mr. Bise comes along and offers us a chance to make real money from our homes with no education and not too much money to start and you ruin our chances before we get started. As far the product, well sports is big where we are and don't think we cant sell em. We can.

    Why don't you just back off and see what happens. If he screws up then blast him on your stupid board. But if he doesn't you will be giving a bunch of people in the good ole USA a chance at a better life by not cutting out legs out fron under us before we even got started.

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    I forgot to mention one of my main points, that is that some of my buddys made a ton of money with Bruce Bise in Gmt. Two of them are even millionaires and they say he is a fine man. They know him and thats what they say about him. Their the ones telling me about celebrity and don't want me to miss it. So what he went to prison. think they care?

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    First of all he 'stole' IGI's compensation plan and has made claims he even designed it. If you know how to read 'code' the IGI website was written by another software company.

    gimme5 I do know folks that have gone to prison and come out and gone straight. but Bruce is not one of them. He went to prison in the late 90's. He got out in the late 90's. he went to prison for running a scam. In 2003, only a few years later, he ran aother scam. I want to protect folks like you gimme5. I'm not saying once a criminal always a criminal but with Bruce it seems it's that way. www.worldwidescam.com

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    docb Guest

    Re: Celebrity Galleries International


    wow, so they are "millionaires" and made their money from scamming others???

    and they live in Nebraska where the winters are like living in the artic ... yeah, thats believable

    Sorry you dont have a job .... sorry more importantly that funds you have available are about to go down the drain with CGI

    Don't say you weren't warned

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    found some MO info on Bruce Bise Scam


    Read all of that...he's done this 3 times. SCAMMER at it again. 3 time loser! maybe it's time he found a different profession.

    Also AC Green is involved...from my sources....that's NEVER good.

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    I have one Yes or No question about Celebrity Galleries.

    Is this a Multi-Level Marketing type of business?

    The answer by CGI members will tell me if it deserves to be on SCAM.COM.

    HINT: IGI members gave the wrong answer.

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    wow...I am so glad someone told me about the owners being so dark. You really saved me from a divorce. I have done alot of these deals...never made over a few thousand a month...sure don't need another scam...my wife really thanks you for saving our marriage...I would rather go hang out at the beach than hang out with crooks!!!!!!Or should i say jailbirds????????????????????????????????????????? ??

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    CGCollections Report

    Bruce Bise (Owner) is a serial scammer with a criminal history who's activities include his GMT ("Get Moving Today) Pyramid scheme. Bice bankrupted GMT on 9-10-2003 and encouraged members to join his new company "Global Star Network."

    President: Andrew Howard http://www.bcalaw.net/profiles_andrew.asp

    His father, Clinton Howard, founded Carrington Laboratories http://www.carringtonlabs.com Carrington Labs is the primary supplier of "miracle cure" Aloe Vera extract to MLM scams such as MANNATECH (NYSE: MTEX http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=mtex & NUSKIN.

    MANNATECH is currently facing numerous class-action lawsuits) by people claiming the company made false claims about its products and "gross misrepresentations." It's founder, Samuel L. Caster (Sam) has a long history of scamming including his Eagle Shield Inc. which in 1991 claimed its Electracat device would repel insects and other pests by emitting high-frequency vibrations. Next he claimed his "Eagle Shield Radiant Barrier" was a scientific breakthrough in home insulation and provided significant savings in energy costs. The Texas Attorney General got a court order banning such claims after arguing the product had been available for more than 40 years and that the energy-saving claims were false. Caster and the company agreed not to make more false statements, and Eagle Shield filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In 1993 he made the leap from pest control and insulation to HEALTHCARE by conjuring up MANNATECH (which consisted largely of Aloe Vera and the banned substance Ephedra).

    Clinton Howard also founded a company called ROYAL BODYCARE wherein his son Andrew served as VP of Marketing http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ROBE.OB (Now a penny stock)
    Royal Bodycare Inc.
    2301 Crown Court
    Irving, TX 75038
    Phone: 972-893-4000
    Fax: 972-869-4111
    Web Site: http://www.rbcnow.com

    I find statements like this extremely worrisome!
    "UNLIMITED PROFIT POTENTIAL" Check out the rest here including: Andrew Howard - Who is the VP of marketing has outstanding credentials. He is a veteran Network Marketer who has made $40,000 a month in another company. http://www.oralchelation.com/microh...icrohydrin6.htm

    In my opinion, CGCOLLECTIONS President Andrew Howard is a 2nd generation serial MLM'er in search of another market for an over-hyped, overpriced product. It always amazes me how these people can leap from industry to industry... always proclaiming their revolutionary expertise in any field they choose. To emulate the disasterous IGI business plan is not a good sign


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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    More on CGCOLLECTION Management

    Sam J. Mendez-Executive Vice President(CGCOLLECTION Bio)
    Sam has led direct-sales and technology companies in and outside the United States. He has developed and taken to market a variety of outstanding products and services both in the United States and in Mexico .

    While in Mexico he founded and led International Diversified Exports (IDEX) de Mexico, a successful direct-sales company located in Guadalajara, Mexico. IDEX marketed a line of health and nutritional products made especially for Mexican markets.

    After returning to the USA, Sam co-founded Orbis Online, a B2B "sealed bid" government procurement company. Sam left Orbis Online to become the CEO of Suma Networks, a VoIP start up that grew to more than 500,000 registered users by the year 2001. Sam then merged Suma Networks with Dallas-based Big Fat Wow! a provider of high-speed internet access kiosks in 124 malls in 26 states across the country.

    Sam's companies have generated millions of dollars and have typically been at the forefront of innovation either at the product level or at the technology level.

    Sam attended the University of Southern California and has a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Jurist Doctor Degree from the University of California at Los Angeles.

    His Other Enterprises
    ZOOMING SINGLES http://www.zoomingsingles.com/about.php
    SUMA NETWORKS http://www.bizjournals.com/sananton...01/daily31.html
    BIG FAT WOW http://www.kioskmarketplace.com/new...le.htm?id=10016

    (I suspect IDEX of Mexico has something to do with exporting Aloe Vera to Carrington Labs.. I could be wrong)

    Skeletons in his closet

    U.S. District Court
    Southern District of New York (White Plains)
    CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 7:04-cv-06518-CLB
    Last Updated Feb 6 2005 4:39 PM CST

    AboveNet Communications, Inc. v. Suma Networks, Inc.
    Assigned to: Judge Charles L. Brieant
    Demand: $120,000Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Breach of Contract
    Date Filed: 08/12/2004
    Jury Demand: None
    Nature of Suit: 190 Contract: Other
    Jurisdiction: Diversity
    Plaintiff: AboveNet Communications, Inc. formerly known as Metromedia Fiber Network Services, Inc. represented by Martin F Casey, Casey & Barnett, LLC
    317 Madison Avenue, 21st Flr. New York, NY 10017 212 286-0225
    Fax: 212 286-0261
    Email: [email protected]


    Suma Networks, Inc.
    formerly known as
    Big Fat Wow, Inc

    Keith Smith - Executive Vice President (CGCOLLECTION Bio)
    Before joining CGI, Keith held the position as President of My Marketing Solution, Inc., an innovative company that provides online marketing strategies to new and growing businesses.

    He has aided in the technical creation, training and proper design of many successful Internet businesses that have produced tens of millions of dollars in annual sales.

    Prior to entering the business world, Keith served as a minister for eight years in Texas and New Mexico.


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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    Quote Originally Posted by gimme5
    Suppose he (Bruce Bice) did make a mistake in the past and go to prison. Is he the first person to do this? Does he not deserve another chance or is he always guilty for the rest of his life deseerving of his name to be plastered on scam.com. Why don't you give him a chance to open his company and make a go of it before you crucify him just based on what you believe he's done before?

    Why don't you just back off and see what happens. If he screws up then blast him on your stupid board. But if he doesn't you will be giving a bunch of people in the good ole USA a chance at a better life by not cutting out legs out fron under us before we even got started.
    "The BEST indicator of future behavior, is PAST behavior"--- Dr. Phil

    (This guy is beyond rehabilitation and does not deserve another chance at stealing again!!!)

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    Quote Originally Posted by gimme5
    I forgot to mention one of my main points, that is that some of my buddys made a ton of money with Bruce Bise in Gmt. Two of them are even millionaires and they say he is a fine man. They know him and thats what they say about him. Their the ones telling me about celebrity and don't want me to miss it. So what he went to prison. think they care?
    The fact that you and a few others made money at the expense of thousands who didn't, does not mean that it was done in an ethical, moral or legal way. If GMT was so great...why is it bankrupt?!!!!!!

    The days when serial MLM/ Pyramid scammers can operate unchallenged are numbered. Thanks to the Internet, the TRUTH about these crooks will be uncovered and they will be exposed for the what they really are....LYING CON MEN!!!!

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    Re: Celebrity Galleries International

    Interesting debate on Bruce Bices' "GMT" program:


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