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    freedigital camera

    hI guys i am doing the free digital camera via freeplay can anyone sign up for me? I need 10 ppl.
    I am also doing popculturesurvey for the 1000 walmart card( BOY that would be a dream!! ) I only need one person to sign up there for me! :)
    if anyone wants to help please pm me. I hope its ok to post this here!!

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    Re: freedigital camera

    I really hope you can gather all these people to sign up under you, however, I think its alot easier to do reward sites that dont require referrals.

    check out


    If you want a 1000 visa card, goto
    http://www.internetopiniongroup.com/...OVMTC=advanced you don't need to sign up anyone else.

    Just my opinion.

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    Re: freedigital camera

    testing 123

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