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Thread: Real-Invest.

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    Has anybody ever used real-invest, I (maybe stupidly) invested only $39 with them, this was meant to be returned after three days with earnings. I deposited on 5th October.

    This is the return that they state they have earned and are posting on their site:

    3/10/05 - 9/10/05 875%
    10/10/05 - 16/10/05 966%

    After e-mailing them a few times stating that if they are earning the above rates, why am I still waiting to be paid.

    Joe. :mad:

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    Re: Real-Invest.

    Their website is no longer accessable and any emails are not deliverable.
    I think i'll just kiss goodbye to my $39.
    Scammed :eek:


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    Re: Real-Invest.

    Whoah, joeg my friend.

    There was another post similar to this I just responded to. I'm thinking maybe this forum needs a sticky post demonstrating some basic investment calculations.

    Let's say their claim is an even 900% every week, shall we? so in one week, your $39 grows to 9x39 which is 351 dollars. In two weeks, that would be $3159. That's a 900% return on the 351 dollars from the previous week. By week three, you have $28,431. By week four, you'd have 255,879 dollars. By week five, you're long past being a millionare. By week 15, you'd have 114 times the entire wealth of the earth.

    I agree, you we're probably scammed.

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    Re: Real-Invest.

    testing 123

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