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    Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    It is no wonder that Career Builder works with so many scams. Their CEO has tw fraud convictions from the 80s and 90s. Both cases ivolved bilking investors for milions of dollars.

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    post some supporting info!!! let's see!!!

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    You can find details in the 8k filings with the SEC. They did try to bury it though - hehe

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    This is a very serious accusation. Unless Scam.com wants to get a reputation of being a scam, one should ferret out this stuff before it gets posted. If you can post the SEC 8k filing link, that would lend credibility to the story. othewise you are just perpetuating a bad rumor!

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    I was a fraternity brother of Matt's. He is a man of integrity. Why do people insist on tearing down someone that is doing well for themselves. Here's an idea.....go on careerbuilder.com and get yourself a better job so that you too can experience what other successful people have. Self-esteem!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    I did get a real job through Careerbuilder but I will not hesitate to say that they will take any "employer" who pays them to put up an ad, whether it's MLM, a real job, or anything else.

    My local newspapers, monster.com, and many other sites do this for money.

    It's not "tearing someone down." It's the truth! People take money even when they know it's wrong.

    Buyer beware!

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    It is one thing to have issues with the way careerbuilder does business, but that has nothing to do with the personal attack on Matt Ferguson. I still do not see any postings of anything that supports Matt was involved in any wrong doing. Try to keep focused on your attack!

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    Matt is in no way a criminal.

    I know him personally to be a fine person and an inovator.

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    irony in their website

    if the ceo is a convicted felon,then there is an irony to their website .When you list a resume ,they ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime( felony,etc) and put that on the seaundefinedundefinedundefinedrchable resume.

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    I am not seeing any evidence of the claim that he has had felony convictions.

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    Have not seen anything about criminal record, but this is absurd. I am a technical writer, proposal writer and that is the only jobs I have applied for and this is what I got forwarded as a suitable job recommendation and the only one in Orlando, FL from Careeer Builder. Now you tell me if this is a credible company and if this is the jobs they recommend, I must say pretty corrupt and defintely does not show any integrity on Career builders part:

    We have found the following personalized job matches for you, based on the jobs you have applied to on CareerBuilder.com.

    There is some of the newest job opening in your area
    Location Job Title Company Date

    USA, statewide Customer Service Representative Private Offshore Company 19/06
    Please, read carefully the following job offer from one of our employment customers:

    Location: USA, statewide
    Status: Opened
    Employee Type: Part-Time Employee
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Veranika Trufanava and I am HR manager of Private Offshore Company (Panama). I have your contact information as a subscriber of Careerbuilder job-site. We have a position opened for the new part-time opportunities, if you are interested in a potentially lucrative partnership with an international firm.

    The major duty of the incumbent is to promptly receive and process stockbrokers' payments to further transfer them applying specified method. Please enquire for detailed work scheme.

    Obligatory requirements:
    Expert skill in managing payments and transfers between our company and clients.
    Knowledge of basic payment systems.
    Ability to schedule working hours effectively.
    Availability of spare time (3-4 hours per day).
    Advanced user ability to operate computer and to use Internet and e-mail.
    Legal age.

    Our company pays its partners a 2-3% commission on every transaction and fixed monthly salary. In addition, we will take care of any incremental tax liability you incur. Depending on which state you are in, and of course on how good business is, your monthly commissions could be as high as $20,000 per month.

    Flexible work schedule.
    Possibility to combine the job with primary employment.
    Free training course.

    You would sign the employment agreement that would make you an official financial representative of our company, able to accept invoice payments on our behalf.

    We are pleased to have you join Our Team as a member of what we feel is an organization that offers each employee an opportunity for personal and professional development. I will provide you with all further details and other paperwork necessary to get started once you reply.

    NOTE: If you are sending your resume as an attachment, please be aware that we accept MS Word and Adobe Acrobat formats only. Please name the file with your first initial and last name separated by underscore, for example, "Agent_John_A_Smith.doc".

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Veranika Trufanava

    Human Resources Department
    Private Offshore Company

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Crimina

    HaHa... That's why everyone keeps going to jobbi.com instead. Matt is so shady, he can't help but scam his customers and charge them absurdly for his lies. Thanks Matt! :zx11pissed:

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Crimina

    for all thjose that wanted proof of matt ferguson's "misdealings" and associations, check out this 8k report. This has to do with FoxHollow and Lumend Stock. Check out the position he was given with no real qualifications for it and check out his bro-in-law. It is the guy who was really screwing up-Duke Rohlen. http://securities.stanford.edu/1036/...01m_064595.pdf

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Crimina

    here's another SEC 8k that I found even easier to navigate inre: Matt Ferguson and yes he was guilty beyond mere affiliation. http://securities.stanford.edu/1036/...02d_064595.pdf

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Crimina

    Look at Section VI: LOSS CAUSATION/ECONOMIC LOSS Matt Ferguson was a named defendant and was accused of the same things as the pther defendant. I just picked this section as a referral point. Please read it all. JP Morgan was even looking into the stock, esp. after it fell so rapidly after it's values were artificially inflated and three people resigned b/c they, basically, did not want to comply with orders from the defendants.

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Crimina

    Yo Dudes,

    Wrong Matt Ferguson.

    What a waste of time you guys are.

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