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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Crimina

    Hey, "The Dude". I will accept responsibility for not looking into the correct Matt Ferguson, IF this is the wrong Matt Ferguson. I was simply replying to old posts I saw and my fault was to ASSUME that all these many many different people had the actual guy. My bad. I know one thing-when I START a conversation I have all the facts. So if this is the wrong Matt Ferguson I apologize, but calling me and the rest of us a "waste of time" I don't appreciate that. I guess I believed it without checking to see if it was the same guy simply because I have WORKED FOR CAREERBUILDER and they engage in MANY MISLEADING TACTICS and INFORMATION about their website. Trust me THE DUDE, I should know-along with many others who wroked for them and felt the same way.

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Crimina

    This is the problem with sites that aren't moderated. The fellow who started this rumor committed libel and others jumped on.

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    Re: Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder's CEO has Criminal Record

    testing 123

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