You know, I was pondering this the other day but there is something different about us.

The vast majority of people out there are not forever chasing biz opps (and I'll bet you were doing it via mail order before you got online) and I suspect we become figures of pity to the non biz opp society.

It isn't just to earn money we keep at it, I think it's a way of life. We just think differently than the rest of society I guess.

I prefer to think we are optimists and have the child's delight in the possibilities of life and "making our fortune" in a non conformist way. If you are like me, you'll find it hard to believe that people can lie. Intellectually you KNOW and yet you keep getting stung because the "what if...." principle keeps popping into your head. What if this time it's real and you missed it?? You convince yourself that if it doesn't work you can get a refund so no harm done. Except often you don't get the refund. Then you tell yourself never again.

Yet even with your new cynical eyes part of you will still think "what if..." and if funds permit you'd probably go ahead and buy just in case.

Maybe "they" are right about us, and we are just gullible. But I prefer "trusting and open to new experiences".*

Surely it ain't just me?? Say it ain't so!