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    Bush's America = The New Improved Nazi Empire


    A number of inescapable and troubling parallels exist between the Germany of the 30's and Bush's adulterated 21st Century fascist empire and it's legions of goose-stepping, glassy-eyed, brainwashed, gullible zombies who refer to themselves as Republican and Christian Conservatives.

    As I edit this, I notice the Dictator has occupied every cable news channel as he delivers a paean to the iconic father of the New Nazi Party in America, the patriarch of Monkeys everywhere ..Ronnie "Bonzo" Reagan who allowed many of the criminal element of todays Bush regime to flourish in the 80s.

    But the truth is a stubborn and immutable force. There is no amount of pomp, whitewash, or red-white and blue packaging that can conceal the cancer in our midst. Only arrest and prosecution of Bush and his cabal of fascist criminals and cronies can ever restore the dignity and vitality of the nation in which we grew up. And now, a former doorman from Brooklyn, Patrick Fitzgerald, US Prosecutor from the District of Illinois, could very well be holding the fate of our republic in his hands.
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    Re: Bush's America = The New Improved Nazi Empire

    The Bush Crime Gang Got Their Degrees In Lying and Cover-Ups At Ronnie Reagan University

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