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    Criminal Negligence? Possible Prosecution?

    Hi All,

    Below are links to New York Times articles stating Michael Brown was beyond competent. Marty Bahamonde, public affairs officer for the Boston regional office of FEMA, was sent to New Orleans in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Katrina.

    E-mails from Marty Barahmonde(pdf)

    New York Times Article

    Now if the e-mails are authenticated, and taken in to evidence by the Louisiana State, Attorney General, is it possible to charge Michael Brown with criminal negligence? :confused: :mad:



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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: Criminal Negligence? Possible Prosecution?

    DeeDee, the link to the e-mails didn't work:/MSG == "File not found"
    (Windows/DOS system error#2, IIS 7.0.1 HTML 404N )

    Is there talk about prosecution or is that a supposition of your own you are looking to discuss?

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