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    WHY the homeless population in the United States is getting smaller

    WHY the homeless population in the United States is getting smaller
    For one time illuminati media presents data not as "black is white".
    Reason: to mock the HORRIBLE TRUTH behind that real data, at least as what's trending now.

    Christian Science Monitor: Respect for the homeless
    A Christian Science perspective: Prayer to overcome homelessness
    It is a very encouraging thing that the homeless population in the United States is getting smaller, and especially that there is a new resolve to find homes for the veterans who have served in the armed forces.

    The official data:
    On a single night in January 2013, 610,042 people were experiencing homelessness. From 2012 to 2013, a period of continued slow recovery from the Great Recession, overall homelessness decreased by 3.7 percent and homelessness decreased among every major subpopulation—families (7 percent), chronically homeless individuals (7.3 percent), and veterans (7.3 percent). But nationwide trends do not tell the full story:
    31 states saw a decrease in homelessness, while 20 states saw increases in overall homelessness.
    The national rate of homelessness fell to 19 homeless persons per 10 ,000 people in the general population, but the rate in individual states ranged from 106 in Washington, DC to 8 in Mississippi.
    The rate of veteran homelessness fell to 27 homeless veterans per 10,000 veterans in the general population, but the rate in individual states ranged from 28 in Wyoming to 156 in Washington, DC.

    Now for the real reason why the homeless population in the United States is getting smaller:

    "Germanwings crash" and "LAPD executes homeless in front of shelter prompting shock and screams from bystanders 2015; Albuquerque Police Out of Control 2014" of "Unconstitutional use of force" series:
    episodes share an agenda with "Terri Schiavo dehydrated to death, Easter 2005".


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    More psy-ops setting the stage to "legalize genocide of undesirable"

    published Apr 15, 2014, what was added is signaled by a more recent date:
    MIND CONTROL for dummies: psy-op technique of acceptance by increasing dosage each time alias step by step: from Albuquerque to LA in one year time

    Albuquerque Police "Out of Control / Unconstitutional use of force" : ALL STAGED with actors.
    Psy-op to legalize police shooting anyone at anytime, as well as the legalzed extermination (holocaust) of anyone deemed mentally ill.
    Double talk: staged footage shows "homeless victim" NOT pointing a gun to his head (the official story).
    Role of the "father" of the victim is to implant this double talk in the heads of the audience, by simply not mentioning the one and only fact of this psy-op.

    More psy-ops setting the stage to "legalize genocide of homeless"
    March 2015 - LAPD executes homeless prompting shock and screams from bystanders: Albuquerque remake one year later
    The video is more "shocking", beyond an execution by fire squad since the victim lays on the ground.
    The crime scene is also upscaled: "outside a Los Angeles homeless shelter", to suggest the start of mass executions.
    Yet the staged outrage in the media has drastically decreased.
    All this illustrates the psy-op technique of acceptance by gradual increase.

    Jun 2015 - "sledgehammer to smash 30 carts" is used to create by association a subliminal image of scores of homeless being eliminated.
    "Hawaii lawmaker assaulted at homeless camp - ... Democrat, Rep. Tom Brower, 50, has had encounters with homeless people before.
    In 2013, he used a sledgehammer to smash about 30 shopping carts used by homeless people to carry belongings in Waikiki. Brower has said he returned carts marked with a store's logo."

    March 2014 - Police Shoot Homeless Man Camping In Albuquerque (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

    March 2015 - The video starts with a man swinging his arms at police officers outside a Los Angeles homeless shelter.
    An officer tackles him to the ground, and three others try to subdue him. At least one pulls out a Taser and tries to shock the man.
    "Drop the gun!" a voice yells.
    Seconds later, five gunshots ring out, prompting shock and screams from bystanders.
    "Why did y'all shoot that man?" one witness yells. "Y'all got (him) tased. Why did you y'all shoot that man?"

    June 2015 - Hawaii lawmaker assaulted at homeless camp

    Jun 2014 - Illuminati web of disinformation presenting truth in plain sight while diverting with "RFID Chipped" from abducted homeless immediately executed:
    "Homeless Taken to FEMA Camps and RFID Chipped!- It´s NOT a CONSPIRACY THEORY!"

    The real mind control is nothing but deception techniques to implant the BIG LIE in the audience

    Apr 2014 - How WEAK the illuminati really are: illustrated by Korean Ferry Mass Ritual Sacrifice and Bundy Ranch stand-off, staged as half-Waco
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