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    Re: Escape International

    You are correct. Just another web based shopping portal to many name brand sites. The company offers a cash back for purchases and an elaborate compensation plan. There are literally 1,000's of MLM's just like it. It is basically a redistribution through inflated affiliate seller programs. They do offer some 'proprietary' health and beauty product lines, but then who doesn't these days.

    The only upside in my opinion is that sign up is free (though I think you do need to upgrade to get to the true 'top earnings' levels.

    With regard to MLM's in general, I have attached a file that ALL should look at before entering any MLM (or whatever else a new company may be calling it these days; the FTC calls them all the same thing at the end of the day).

    Hope everyone gleans something from the attachment

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    Re: Escape International

    Dear Soapboxmom,

    The #1 rule in joining or researching any MLM is never gather information directly from the company or any of its principles. There is a tremendous amount of information available about Escape and other companies online in general and specifically via FTC, SEC, IRS and other agency websites. Outside research first, compile questions for the company based on requirements from the 'powers that govern the country'. Compare the company answers to the regulations, make an informed decision and spread the word (whether good news or bad).

    If you are looking for a viable MLM to actually make a living operating within the 'legal guidelines' for MLM's, you literally will not find an opportunity that fits that description in the U.S. at this time.


    Quote Originally Posted by Soapboxmom View Post
    Straight from the Horses mouth-----Mr. David A. Rutz

    "Escape from the Heart"

    He assures us he graduated from a business school and did as good as he could.
    (alright pal how about the name of the institution and the GPA). He rambles on about how corporate jobs are not what they used to be and a lot of people with seniority were dissatisfied. He couldn't afford the payment for a dishwasher with his corporate job and not enough money was left to pay the bills. Then he found Network marketing.(Hallelujah) After 90 days in his part time business it was more income than his 40-60 hour a week job.

    He went full time in network marketing(1991), but did not like the fees or inventory. Then he saw that more MLMers were having failure than success.(BIG surprise)
    He was in a nameless company making 1/2 billion is sales with his friends he trusted, but the reps were investing and losing what they invested.(same old same old) The guilt was bothering him.(the originator of a scam pretending to have a conscience-what will they think of next!) He admits that he got commissions and fee money from failing reps.(and he still does-imagine that!) 9 out of 10 were failing! He tells us he had to recruit and entice many to become reps.(so, what's new!)

    So, instead of turning his back on Network Marketing he started his own business in 1997. He finally admits he worked for General Motors. He endlessly rambles about the corporate pyramid nonsense-"1ownership income"(???????????????) something about he had no income he only earned pay(?????????????????) He didn't want people to get used, lose money, buy lofty priced inventory or be embarassed. So, he started his FREE MLM. FREE NETWORK 170,000 reps in 4 years(let's see the earnings tables, pal)

    2001 parted to start a new company.(ran out of suckers I guess!) Escape can turn into a full time business for you, he tells us. Of course as you already know everybody uses the products and services(don't they always) which are at an extreme value and discount.(hmmmmm we will see about that) 95% failure rate for business in the first year and only 1-2% after 5 years.(he outright lies-the audacity-does he think people are that stupid?.) USA Today says

    "In other words, they had what David Birch, former head of a research firm specializing in studying small business data, called the "I Had No Idea" syndrome. Would-be entrepreneurs don't realize what's truly involved with running a business.

    So what is your chance of success? I think Birch's statistics are probably as accurate as any. His survival rates:

    First year: 85%
    Second: 70%
    Third: 62%
    Fourth: 55%
    Fifth: 50%"

    He blathers on about owning your won business then winds up calling Escape a free franchise(we all know the astronomical cost of a real franchise-you know the kind with a defined territory and no wild out of control fanchising to compete with yourself) He assures you that he only benefits when you earn a profit(whoopeeeee!) He claims(falsely) that Network Marketing is highly acclaimed and endorsed. We are tormented with a long talk about that fraud Robert Kiyosaki. (who is mystified by basic business and financial principles) We will use Kiyosaki's system and have "Income Producing Assets"(but he just said we have no inventory. So, just what is this asset? Kiyosaki's nonexistent real estate he will resell to us?)

    Rutz then assures you there is no risk! He is going to give you territories(What?????? You need almost 20,000 business partners. Is he going to relocate you to Iceland?)


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    Re: Escape International

    I think all should be interested in finding out how Escape will be facilitating the new licensing issues for loan officers across the country. This is no longer a matter of a broker or bank allowing individual loan officers to work from a 'master' license covering the entire company, but rather a new set of regulations that will require each individual loan officer to pass and pay for a license to write loans in any/all states where their respective broker or bank intends to conduct business.

    My ears are wide open????

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    Re: Escape International

    Hawk...What are you talking about? blah blah blah.......blah blah blah.

    I just refinanced through Escape. Went from 7% interest rate, to a 3.5%

    For all the blah blah you and Soapbox post on here, I have no complaints as Escape has done nothing but help me over the years.

    Thank you Escape!!

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    Re: Escape International

    so after you join for free, whats the investment to get promoted/qualify for higher bonuses? i heard its free or 19.99 month and elsewhere i heard its $399.00- feedback please. thankyou!
    The Walmart of homebased business visit www.thefortunedvd.com 1-888-897-2986

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    Re: Escape International

    Take a look at the live online webinar. The schedule is in the signature below. It will go into detail how to make money. You do not have to invest no $$. You get paid more with helping your team with production!

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    Re: Escape International

    Hello everyone, for those that have read the beginnings of this Thread on Escape International. I was a founding member and "revenue sharing" rep. I was one of first 20 people that joined the company. I stand by the company for 6 years.... just read me defending them for years. To speak the truth I have seen many people loose a lot of money. I had business partners that where scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars for "special" programs or offers in the "inner circle" of Escape International. The company has never done any serious revenue. I had a business partner where $5,000 was laid down from his grandmother to help hit a special promotion. The fact is David Rutz was thought all this from his former mentor William (Bill) Gouldd and Equinox International. He has learned every trick in the book from his Mentor Bill. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equinox_(MLM) .... at first glance the company may seem innocent enough. But there are many many more untold stories. And many more will be reviled, in further time. Escape BTW is now on its 500th compensation plan.

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    Re: Escape International

    escape merged(sold part of the company))to another MLM company.Escape was not making any money. all those people who spent money monthly for stock options were scammed.

    Feel sorry for any one who got involved and lost all that money.

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    Re: Escape International

    Quote Originally Posted by thanksalotescape View Post
    escape merged(sold part of the company))to another MLM company.Escape was not making any money. all those people who spent money monthly for stock options were scammed.

    Feel sorry for any one who got involved and lost all that money.
    I know a guy who was in Escape, but lost touch with him since 2005. I don't know if he's still doing with that company or not; I know ACN started this stock options scheme then Rutz, Jeb Tyler and Jason Guck (5Linx) followed it soo after.

    so much for that. ing1:

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