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Thread: Tall Boys

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Tall Boys

    Tall Boys in the Dead of Night

    Stuart Wilde

    October 12th, 2005

    In the early days of the Morph we first started seeing beings arrive here on earth; I called them Tall Boys, even though the first two I ever saw were female. The men and the women stand eight to ten feet tall; they are very good looking and they can run at about forty miles an hour. We have never really discovered what exactly they do. They are forerunners of something powerful but their real function has been kept secret from us. Sometimes the Tall Boys are accompanied by dogs in an etheric form. The animals can also move at high speed. The dogs act as etheric guards watching over humans in case of trouble from transdimensionals, especially at night.

    The Tall Boys and Girls radiate a silent power and a spiritual dedication that is very sacred. They come (I think) from a world (dimension) that is very close to here, a type of heaven that looks very earthlike. In a vision of one of the Tall Boys I saw him come out of his house to accept some written instructions that were being delivered to him secretly. He seemed sad to leave his world to work for a while in this one but he seemed resigned to his duty willingly.

    A big fight ensued against the dark forces; it took place in Scotland in November 2002. The battle lasted six weeks and then a victory was won and the Tall Boys and dogs started dropping in here onto earth in droves. I saw the visions of the Tall Boys for a year after that then they dropped from view. That was about the end of 2003 almost two years ago. These beings are so full of love and calm they make you feel safe in an instant, I missed them.

    I have never actually seen a Tall Boy in real life, only visions of them and their actions of running. Then about three weeks ago I saw them for the first time here on earth so-to-speak. I was very moved. The whole concept of the Tall Boys became ever more real; there were seven of them standing together between a group of palm trees near a beach. They are way taller in real life than in my visions. I’d say they stand twelve to fifteen feet tall. Their presence is very majestic and intriguing because where they stand they push away our 3-D reality, so they give the impression they are standing in a hole in reality, like a cut-out that stretches to all eternity.

    The Tall Boys I saw were about seven yards away from me standing roughly in a circle, some facing me and some facing the other way. They were communicating with each other silently and making body movements that were ever so slight, each was very slow and calm. There is something stunningly beautiful about them. They seemed to be waiting for something and they are watching over us at the same time. I reckon they come from a dimension that is placed at 90º from us because at first I could only see them in my peripheral vision but as the sight of them settled onto my perception, I could see them by looking straight at them.

    Luckily they didn’t come over to me, which was a good thing, as I’m not quite ready for them, they are too vast for me to properly comprehend. Though they are so full of dignity and honor I feel very safe when I see them. They stayed for over half an hour by the beach and then I couldn’t see them anymore but that doesn’t mean they went away; it could just be that my perception faded.

    Amongst the mayhem of the human ghouls and all the ugliness of this world there is a love and warmth here to help us along, and the way to stay in touch with it is to become warm in your heart and honorable like the Tall Boys and Girls are.

    These beings perform a great function that will be seen by us at a later date. On the night I saw the boys there was another being with them, a female but not a Tall Girl, though. This one was also very tall as well, but less human-shaped. She was very beautiful, very feminine, with a long pole-like body made of light and though she seemed to be connected to the Tall Boys she looked different and she stood a little way off. She was very mysterious and very graceful. I watched her for a long time; she was only about three yards from. To refer to her as a pole of light is not really correct. She was way more radiant than I can properly describe, but she was long and thin and if she had arms I couldn’t see them. There was a saintly, angelic aspect in the feelings she exuded.

    The wonderful thing is that there are more transcendental beings on earth than humans. We are now outnumbered by thousands to one. That is a good thing. We need all the help we can get and we should be eternally grateful for that. I am

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    Re: Tall Boys

    Drop the pipe and back away from the table.

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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: Tall Boys

    Quote Originally Posted by Synik
    Drop the pipe and back away from the table.
    Shutdown your computer, turn off the lights, light a candle and some incense, sit back, relax, inhale deeply through your nose, exhale through your mouth and concentrate on the exchange of O2 and CO2 in your bloodstream as your heart distributes life to your body instead of the BETA waking state physical reality that is your spiritual cage.

    Do nothing but concentrate on your breathing for a few moments and you may also be contacted by entities of the spiritual realm.

    Though I too am skeptical of Whispering Wind's spiritual visions, I am also aware that it is quite possible that what Whispering Wind experiences may well be real.

    You may wish to examine the Urantia Book, which was supposedly channeled to a group called the Urantia Society in Chicago by Angels and the life, times and works of the "Sleeping Prophet", Edgar Cayce for some insight into modern spiritual contact that is difficult to debunk and write off to drug-induced hallucinations.

    For the classic work on drug-induced spiritual experience, Aldous Huxley's "Doors of Perception" is highly recommended, as well as to a lesser degree, Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test".

    Elisabeth Haich's "Initiation" and Shirley MacLaine's "Out On A Limb" are personal accounts of people who believe that they have gone through many life cycles in different body's with the same spirit evolving through the ages.

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    Re: Tall Boys

    not that i have seen any transdimensional beings but i am aware of the peripheral vision thingy.quite frustrating since there seems no way "around" it.and also a from a distance to close perception change.this tells me that my vision is multiplexed.and that filters must be in place that determine and are determined by my own mental choices.even if i dont remember making any filters,or using them.in heritance from the fall of man!? :eek: :confused: :rolleyes:

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    Re: Tall Boys

    The Catholic bishops of England, Wales and Scotland are warning their five million worshippers, as well as any others drawn to the study of scripture, that they should not expect “total accuracy” from the Bible.
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    Re: Tall Boys

    With each lie uncovered we come closer to the truth.


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    Re: Tall Boys

    Is this similar to Slender Man?


    "Wag more, bark less."

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