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    Supreme Court, Now the new 'Bush Brigade'

    Well, there is hope. Written by a University student.

    Supreme Court is now the new 'Bush Brigade'

    Media Credit: Tanya Bermudez

    There aren't many occupations that require more extensive knowledge of the law than a lawyer does, but one comes to mind almost instantaneously: judge.

    President Bush's latest move toward securing a theocracy, selecting White House counsel Harriet Miers to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, is about as ignorant as appointing a former jockey to run FEMA.

    Bush has cited Miers' religion as one of her main attributes, which might make Thomas Jefferson cringe at the fall of his wall of separation.

    The Court hopeful does, however, have the dubious honor of never being used as an administrative scapegoat, so there is no real threat to National Security on file. But here's something that might make the founding fathers' faces a code-red.

    Miers, as a member of checks and balances, has an extreme bias to the Executive branch and no Judicial experience.

    It's like putting a governor into office, whose closest political experience was playing a CIA agent in a movie and sleeping with a former politician's daughter.

    But we're not talking about California here. This is a national dilemma.

    Not to doubt the president's latest exercise in cronyism, but White House counsel doesn't exactly have a great history of succeeding in legal proceedings.

    The Oval Office, as prestigious as it's supposed to be, has had a long history of needing amazing advice.

    Yet from Andrew Johnson to Richard Nixon and even Bill Clinton, their legal saviors have failed them constantly.

    Maybe our fearless leader is basing Mier's appointment on the recent history of his top advisers.

    His top aide Karl Rove is about to be charged with treason (well, if the arms of justice extended to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., he would be.)

    Rove revealed the identity of a CIA agent to get back at her husband.

    Bush's right-hand man, Vice President Cheney, still gets financial kickbacks from Halliburton.

    Halliburton received a 5-year no-bid contract in the new province of Iraq. Cheney's Halliburton stock is reportedly through the roof.

    Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's history of lies can only be surpassed by Bush's loyalty to him.

    However, to be completely fair to King George, Miers does have various degrees of life experience, mainly with Bush's life.

    Before Miers held the post of top White House liar, she was Bush's deputy chief of staff for policy, staff secretary and chairperson of the Texas Lottery Commission.

    Before that, she was an attorney in private practice in Dallas and a member of the Dallas City Council.

    Admittedly one cannot blame the president for not knowing enough about judicial selection. He was never much of a judge of qualifications - a characteristic he shares with Miers - then again neither were his voters.

    Bush is hanging his hat on the religion factor and in the fact that Miers will not change over time.

    He is referring to Supreme Court Justice David Souter, nominated for the court by the first President Bush, who later turned out to lean liberal in his rulings.

    If a judge cannot change with time, as many other Americans do, then how can she interpret an ever-changing document like the Constitution?

    Bush might have some insider information besides having a White House counsel as a long-time peer.

    In fact, she is one of the president's closest friends.

    Miers has reportedly called Bush the best governor Texas has ever had.

    She has also praised him to everyone, including the president's daughters.

    In fact, in her times in Texas she and Bush exchanged letters on a very consistent basis.

    The president may be the only person who knows anything about Miers. She has less of a paper trail than Chief Justice John Roberts did before his appointment.

    Luckily, the conservatives are even questioning the selection of the 52-year-old single woman.

    The only hope we have is that stupidity isn't a side affect of peer pressure and Miers is an intelligent women or that the Senate grows a spine and disagrees with Bush.

    Only time will tell what will become of the nominee, unless time is anything like the country and doesn't know anything about Miers.

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    Re: Supreme Court, Now the new 'Bush Brigade'

    I know...LOL...it would be like appointing the head of the ACLU to the Supr--oh, wait.

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    Re: Supreme Court, Now the new 'Bush Brigade'

    Quote Originally Posted by pwrone
    I know...LOL...it would be like appointing the head of the ACLU to the Supr--oh, wait.
    I take it you are in favor of Miers pwrone... WHY?

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