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Thread: Flu Pandemic

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Flu Pandemic

    Stuart Wilde

    October 2005

    Several years ago, I suggested that the powers-that-be are getting ready to release a flu virus designed to kill many millions of people over a short period of time. A similar outbreak occurred in 1918-1919, it was known as Spanish flu, it wiped out forty million. An epidemic is a local outbreak of a disease, a pandemic is a global one.

    Modern flu can be deadly for the old and frail, thirty-six thousand people die of it in America each year, but most healthy people recover after a short while. What made Spanish flu so virulent was that the virus had an extra gene that has the ability to send the bodys immune system into overdrive. This causes the body to attack itself becoming inflamed, hemorrhaging occurs, and the patient is overwhelmed and dies.

    The Spanish flu virus has been dead for eighty years, which is good news for us, but the bad news is that scientists at the University of Wisconsin have cloned the virus and recreated it. They want to see how to tackle it if it breaks out again. Given it has been stone-dead for eighty years, youd imagined the best way to tackle it would be to leave it alone. Imagine resurrecting a dinosaur just to see if it causes trouble running down Main Street.

    The US government is also busy re-creating the same deadly flu at the Department of Agricultures plant in Athens, Georgia, USA. So you can see where this is all going. Meanwhile, no one has cracked the mystery of the contrails that are being laid over America, Canada, Britain, and other places, that seem to contain a fungus whose cells are so small they can penetrate the lungs. General practitioners in America report a huge leap in upper respiratory complaints a day or two after the contrails have been laid over a community. Many believe the fungus is being delivered in a two-part delivery system, and that the more deadly, second, activating agent, will be sprayed over us once the powers-that-be are ready for a bit of population control.

    Interestingly, there is a flu vaccine crisis in America right now, half of the vaccine to be delivered for this winters flu season has been found to be mysteriously polluted. So doctors in America are suddenly short of forty million flu shots. Fascinating stuff. I am sure there is an antidote to the new Spanish flu that inhibits the deadly gene, and I am also sure it wont be available to anyone except the snobs at the top. I dont usually like to mention nasty stuff unless I can offer a solution but right now the contrail-flu attack on humanity is beyond us all. We dont understand it well enough to protect ourselves from it. When we see a contrail we run, which isnt much of a solution, but its the best we have for right now.

    The motivation behind it all is hatred, racism and vengeance, and there might be an economic motivation. If the government can get rid of the aging baby-boomers in large numbers, then the problem of a Social Security system that is almost broke will be solved. The dead are cheap to maintain. The delivery of the poison pill has already begun. They have been laying contrails for five years now. Its in the food chain and in peoples lungs.*

    I am a great believer in the Forces of Light and I am sure nearer the time we will be given a natural protection, it might be something as simple as wheat grass. I saw a vision recently of a vial, it was long and thin, almost the length of a pencil. The top of it was white and the main substance in the vial was a very bright green. The glass vial didnt have a needle on the end of it like a hypodermic syringe might. I watched as a person just pressed the bottom of the vial lightly against the upper arm of those being given the shot. I felt better after that. There is a solution even if it is not available right now. The best move for now is to live as clean as possible and take supplements that strengthen your immune system.

    This is a secret, global war between the nastiest people that have ever lived on earth and us. It will be interesting to see how we manage. I have always felt that perception is the key to our survival. We need to be quick on our feet and we have to learn to put aside our egos needs and support each other.

    Meanwhile, if you get a sniffle dont panic. The flu pandemic isnt due just yet. Several years ago, I said it would be 2005, but Im not very good at guessing when things will happen, so it might be delayed a bit. But the pandemic is already on the books so it will happen eventually. Watch TV and Hollywood and youll see more and more epidemicstory-lines. Its the secret government covering themselves early, programming people. Its all a great shame. People are going to get really scared, there is no good reason for it. Its genocide from the sky courtesy of an elite, chosen few, who have decided they need a bit of elbow room.

    Its weird to think that there are people who go to work to figure out how to kill a hundred million or more of us. The men and women that secretly run the world are beyond demonic. Hitler looks like a cheery guy compared to them.

    I wrote a book in 2001 called Gods Gladiators, which you might consider stealing from the library if you havent read it already. Its a bit of a survival manual and it helps to understand things in a greater context. The gladiators are protectors and their time is now. You might need them and then again you might not, I cant say exactly.

    Anyway, in that book I mentioned a global flu pandemic for 2005, and the H5N1 avian flu crisis seems to be arriving more or less on time. As you probably know its a phony, the real pandemic will come in under the guise of an avian flu mutation. We will be told that avian flu has miraculously changed into the real McCoy, threatening humans. Its a form of genetic engineering, they dont want you and me and a few million others hanging around cluttering up the joint, anymore.

    You have heard of global warming, well this is global cooling, billions of BTU of body heat will suddenly cease and well all save on air conditioning, ozone holes and toxic methane floating into the upper atmosphere. As you probably also know the whole global warming scare is a crock. Methane from animals and humans causes global warming not cars. Of course, there are entire gaggles of climate scientists who know this but how can they tell the world we are killing the planet by farting. Of course, animals do the major farting damage but humans fart on average twelve times a day so thats seventy-two billion farts added to god knows how many animal farts and all of that travels upwards into the stratosphere; farts in bed being an exception.

    Its the methane in the upper atmosphere that causes global warming, and so the New World Order decided some years ago that getting rid of humans en masse might help with long-term survival of the elite. As an idea it might work. There is an added benefit that I mentioned before, the more old people that die the less stress on the health care system and pension funds that are already broke will get a bit of respite as well.

    A global pandemic manufactured in a laboratory is just what Dr. Josef Mengele would have ordered. It might work brilliantly. The problem is you and I may not be around to benefit from the devilish master plan. Still never mind. If all the ducks die Im happy to go with them. I am very fond of ducks I like the way they dive into the water and disappear only to bob up elsewhere.

    Sniff, sniffquack, quack.

    Love, love, and
    heads down and bums up.

    * A little-known pulmonary disease know as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) has now become the third largest killer in Canada, with 750,000 sufferers. Id imagine the numbers of people affected in the western states of the U.S.A., which is the most contrailed place in the world, would be off the Richter scale they would be so high. SW

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    umdkook Guest

    Re: Flu Pandemic

    very interesting insight, i would love to hear more of thiese theories, and please dont yell at me for calling them theories as im sure u well belive and can prove all of this to be true.

    show us some links!!!

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    Re: Flu Pandemic

    We also need to remember that there has to be money made off the killings as well. Hence the pharmaceutical industry's ploy to "cure" people of their problems by giving them synthetic poisons. If drugs cure, why is there still disease? Drugs cost lots of money and compromise your health.

    The foods manufactured for our consumption also play a vital role to make us sick in the first place and compromise our immune system. With food and drugs keeping our immune systems low, why wouldn't these potential flu epidemics take people out? The body has lost its ability to defend itself and gives up. Overwhelmed by too many enemies. But when we are in the system and educated in the system, why wouldn't we believe in the system? Right? It will save us. :rolleyes:

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    Re: Flu Pandemic

    doesn't it seem like every year theres some new superflu coming out of china but it always dies out?

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    Re: Flu Pandemic

    Hello, It was not a Spanish Flu that caused that epidemic, please read my post, The truth about 1918. You have to do searches on things, and find the real truth. Bird flu virus happens to the bird kingdom but it can not mutate, don't believe the bloody PROPAGANDA. The GOV is CORRUPT THE DRUG COMPANIES ARE CORRUPT, DON'T BELIEVE THE SCARE TACTICS, WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: Flu Pandemic

    How One Wicked Nation Can Kill Billions
    Around the World - - With One Lie!


    'Bird Flu', SARS - Biowarfare or a Pandemic of Propaganda?

    Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax




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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: Flu Pandemic

    Boost and strengthen your immune system


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