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Thread: Teachers!

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    I could n't help but to notice but it seems to me that a lot of member here must be high school teachers.
    . whenever a topic is discussed and the 'teachers' do not agree with the arguments they bring up the oposing member's post where is spellling miss takes was made. it Seem funny to me as i do not think the posts of this forum is some kind of spelling test b ut rather a place of discussion.
    a lot of the people here are finished with schooooooooool.

    Nonsense like the above is difficult to read, so I can understand if people complain about a style like the above. But then the above is just an example and I have never seen someone writing posts like that.

    The Teachers at the forum complain and blow a gasket when another member do not put a '.' at the end of a sentence or spell something like honour instead of honor - BTW both are correct!

    All the teachers at this forum:

    Bugger off! The children do not like you and the people that are finished with school like you even less.

    But then I have noticed people that are starting to lose an argument always bring up the 'spelling' issue....

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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: Teachers!

    For your information 6seven8, many of us are not High School teachers, as you presume, but professional desktop publishers, editors and authors -- spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax are important elements of our work-a-day lives.

    Some of us appreciate tips from others on how to improve our style and couldn't give a hoot what the children who 'are finished with school' and believe that they have learned all there is to learn like or do not like.

    I don't generally frequent other sub-forums than Politics, Religions, Chat and the Conspiracy Zone and I rarely, if ever, see any significant conflict or spewing over any post's composition, which one would think, would be the forums where that would most likely occur. Also, when it does come up, it is nearly always polite and friendly and not used like a hammer to club down another's argument.

    So if that is happening to you on the other forums, you have my sympathy
    and recommend that you use an online dictionary and thesaurus back at them as weapons. I keep "The Holt Handbook" on my desk just in case a style argument gets too thick to resolve with a dictionary.

    If you are just sniveling about trivialities, Microsoft Windows Network ADMINISTRATOR: tommywho70x disrespectfully suggests that you 'bugger off' and get on with something more interesting.

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    Re: Teachers!

    No sweat anymore Tommy. I just activated the Google toolbar so it can check my spelling. Now that is a handy tool for a lazy guy like me. From now on I will get 10/10.

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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: Teachers!

    see what i mean?

    which forum was that happening?

    maybe i'll sneak in there and sucker the fools that were bothering you.

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