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    Windsor Auction - A Different Experience

    It was just all out of curiosity to see how an auction works.. There was nothing to pay upfront ..i just have to fill up some forms which is alright.. Auctioneer was knowledgeable and professional ; has incredible insight to all the art pieces.
    The staff are very friendly and helpful. They were willing to assist and answer any question you have.They have fantastic merchandise.. plenty of amazing finds and with good taste.. Anybody can go out and buy something new; literally has treasures..Prices are great at most times..Haggling for it makes it more fun. I would love to go again especially if i get a another coupon to spend.

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    Re: Windsor Auction - A Different Experience

    Late one night I clicked on the free laptop offer, the flashing box that claimed "you are the 10,000th visitor-click here to claim your prize". It was onlinerewardcenter, a name burned into my memory forever. I was sucked into the web of deceit, the carrot held before my nose, leading me deeper into nonsense until finally I said "enough", and closed out. But not before the damage was done, and as a result I had to open a new email account because I'm not going to sort through tons of spam or block every spammer that latched onto me after I was stupid enough to click on the flashing box.

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