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    How to write an eBook?

    I've been looking for a home business and have looked over a number of online opportunities, most of which are MLM to some degree and I just don't want to get into that. So, I decided that I'm going to write an eBook. I have the topic and the knowledge(most of it), now I'm just looking for a little help so I make it professional and market it well.

    So I was wondering if anyone on here knows of a good tutorial or eBook on how to write an eBook, market it, create affiliate plan, etc.?

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    Re: How to write an eBook?

    What you need to do is write it... I suggest putting it together in word. Include any pictures and stuff and make sure your formatting is perfect. From there you want to go to google and search for freeware that allows you to create PDF's or Ebook executable files. From there... build a website to promote your Ebook... and create an awesome auction telling people why they should buy your ebook. List it as an auction with no reserve first for 5 days... Then list it for 3 days and at the same time 7 days. This will allow you to guage a price of how much people are willing to pay for your book. I suggest selling it a little be below the highest price of the 3 auctions. From there you can run Multiple item auctions once a week. Remember... always mention your website on your auction.

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    Re: How to write an eBook?

    Make sure to test your eBook on various operating systems.
    I know that some eBook exe's do not work properly on Windows XP, the books do show, but the next/previous etc. page links do not work and some pictures do not show. It is only certain eBook compilers that is having this problem, cannot remember them now, will come back later.
    There is however a free software floating around that is fixing this problem on Windows XP. If I am not mistaken the problem occurs with Windows XP SP 2.
    For an affiliate program system, search hotscripts.com for a script to run your own affiliate system, or make use of Clickbank etc.

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    Re: How to write an eBook?

    Cool. Thanks for all the help. I was thinking I should get an eBook first, because they often are a lot of help. They contain stuff that you wouldn't have thought of yourself, or even have possibly known without experience. Things like marketing, copyright, affiliate programs, disclaimers, OS compatibility like mentioned above, etc. Some stuff I do know about, others I'll have to research, and others I'll have to learn as I go. I know there are tons of things out there to help, I was just wondering if anybody has written one before and used an eBook or service or software. That way I wouldn't end up using some service or eBook that's not that good.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: How to write an eBook?

    If you do write one, get listed on Clickbank (www.clickbank.com) because they are the best for digital products and affilates. Think you have to pay about 50 for an account though it might have changed. I'm halfway thru writing one (using Acrobat to make pdf though I like those ones you have to read online as they look hard to copy).

    Also selling on ebay is another route to get you started initially and shouldn't cost much. That's what I'll probably do if I get my arse in gear and finish the wretched thing. Your sales page will probably prove the hardest to write.

    Check out the catergory you are planning to write on in the Clickbank marketplace and have a look at the sales letters to give you an idea how to market yours and how to price it.

    Good Luck!

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