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    Business Network Internatinal/BNI

    Does anyone have any Info on these chapters poping up around the nation?

    Are they MLM's?

    Or are they Franchised out?

    BNI is a networking meeting that promises each position in the group that their company will make an average of $17,000 a year in business from the refferals a company would get from other members of the group..

    BNI does zero background check on the companies that they allow in and
    did not seem to have much proof to back their claims up..

    They have people that seem to pull business away from the Chamber of Commerces in the area..

    So business owners seem to think they are great because they like to show up to stuff.. Anyone have any imput on this company?

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    Re: Business Network Internatinal/BNI

    BNI as I understand it is none of the above.

    It isn't even network marketing...not really. Basically business owners get together once a week. Talk about their products and services. the idea is that the other owners will refer business to the others and visa versa.

    I know there is a charge to get in...I am not sure how worthwhile it is for people.

    I have a friend that's in it...they do allow pretty much anyone in. There are tradition business owners, Mary K ladies...the whole 9-yards.

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    Re: Business Network Internatinal/BNI

    I found out that the chapter leaders get "kick backs" for recruiting others..

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