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    Yet another money laundering/check fraud scam, this time from the Ukraine, Latvia or somewhere around there:

    Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 07:21:09 -0400
    From: Dwayne Huffman
    Subject: Our company is searching for employees in USA.

    Hi there!

    Firebird Private Equity Ltd. (Kaunas, Lithuania) is looking for prospective Receivables Managers in the United States.
    This is home-based position ideal for anyone looking for an extra income opportunity with a flexible schedule.
    Your key responsibilities will be to manage and facilitate the payments made by our US clients into the investment accounts
    under the supervision of the regional Collections Executive.

    A perfect candidate should be a good communicator who is also comfortable with numbers.
    College education or basic administrative experience is a plus.

    Found in 1996, Firebird Private Equity specializes in private equity investment in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe,
    Middle and Central Asia.
    Over the years, we have successfully completed several projects in the telecom, energy and mining industries, generating
    substantial revenues for our institutional and private clients.

    To learn more about our company, please visit us online at www.firebirdequity.com.

    Since we are currently unable to establish full-scale presence in the US due to the severe restrictions imposed by the Patriot Act of 2001,
    we are looking for proactive individuals to act as our receivables managers in the Americas.
    The position is commission based, and would require no more than 2-5 hours per week to fulfill your duties.
    Your core duty will be to receive the funds from our investors into your designated account.
    Reconcile the payments if required and transfer the funds into our investment accounts.
    You will be receiving a 5% commission for each transfer that you forward to us.
    For instance, if $5000 is credited to your account, you will earn a commission of $250.
    Your commission is available immediately, so there is no need to wait for the payment check in the end of the month.

    Firebird Private Equity is an equal opportunity employer.
    We will be happy to offer employment opportunities to senior citizens, minority nationals and physically challenged individuals.

    In order to qualify for the position, you must be a permanent US resident aged 21 and above.
    It is recommended that you set up a separate bank account for escrow service; however, you may use an existing account.
    Since most communication with your supervisor will be via email/fax/phone, you should have good access to these facilities.

    To apply for the position or to make an inquiry, please email us at [email protected] Please use the following reference
    code in the header of your email: RMUS02.
    Registered just a couple of days ago:


    RSP: IMENA.com.ua
    URL: http://www.imena.ua

    created-date: 2005-10-10
    updated-date: 2005-10-12
    registration-expiration-date: 2006-10-10

    owner-contact: P-EBM57
    owner-fname: Ehrnestus
    owner-lname: Mindauskas
    owner-street: 19, ul. Grishenkovas
    owner-city: Riga
    owner-zip: LV-1020
    owner-country: LV
    owner-phone: +439 0 904382
    owner-email: [email protected]

    admin-contact: P-EBM57
    admin-fname: Ehrnestus
    admin-lname: Mindauskas
    admin-street: 19, ul. Grishenkovas
    admin-city: Riga
    admin-zip: LV-1020
    admin-country: LV
    admin-phone: +439 0 904382
    admin-email: [email protected]

    tech-contact: P-EBM57
    tech-fname: Ehrnestus
    tech-lname: Mindauskas
    tech-street: 19, ul. Grishenkovas
    tech-city: Riga
    tech-zip: LV-1020
    tech-country: LV
    tech-phone: +439 0 904382
    tech-email: [email protected]

    billing-contact: P-EBM57
    billing-fname: Ehrnestus
    billing-lname: Mindauskas
    billing-street: 19, ul. Grishenkovas
    billing-city: Riga
    billing-zip: LV-1020
    billing-country: LV
    billing-phone: +439 0 904382
    billing-email: [email protected]

    nameserver: ns1.lb-real.com
    nameserver: ns2.lb-real.com

    ; Please register your domains at
    ; http://www.imena.ua
    Currently hosted at which is a Road Runner IP with the following domains which should also be considered suspect:

    • Bci-partners.com
    • Bcipartners.net
    • Citibusiness-online.com
    • Firebirdequity.com
    • Into2booble.com
    • Kingsbridge-apparel.com
    • Lb-real.com

    lb-real.com is the domain name providing name services - that's a known scam operation.

    ns1.lb-real.com is, which appears to be a zombie PC in Mexico.
    ns2.lb-real.com is, which looks like a zombie PC in Germany.

    Just for the record, they also have the following contact information on their site:

    Firebird Private Equity Ltd.
    6 Harju Street
    2nd Floor
    Tallinn EE-0100

    Firebird Private Equity Ltd.
    45/47 Elizabetes Iela Street
    Riga LV-1010

    Firebird Private Equity Ltd.
    16A J.Jasinskio Street #6
    Kaunas LT-2001

    By email
    [email protected] – for investment opportunities
    [email protected], [email protected]– for career opportunities
    [email protected] – for escrow program information
    [email protected] – for all other inquiries

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    Re: firebirdequity.com

    Incidentally, the domain reg details for firebirdequity.net indicate that it has been suspended already:

    Registration Service Provided By: YOUR WEB POINT - E-GOLD DOMAIN REGISTRATIONS
    Contact: +7.3843617486
    Website: http://www.yourwebpoint.com


    Firebird Private Equity Ltd.
    Mindaugas Shprotas ([email protected])
    17, Auskaras St #C
    Kauno Apskritis,LT-1009
    Tel. +370.70269072

    Creation Date: 12-Oct-2005
    Expiration Date: 12-Oct-2006

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Administrative Contact:
    Firebird Private Equity Ltd.
    Mindaugas Shprotas ([email protected])
    17, Auskaras St #C
    Kauno Apskritis,LT-1009
    Tel. +370.70269072

    Technical Contact:
    Firebird Private Equity Ltd.
    Mindaugas Shprotas ([email protected])
    17, Auskaras St #C
    Kauno Apskritis,LT-1009
    Tel. +370.70269072

    Billing Contact:
    Firebird Private Equity Ltd.
    Mindaugas Shprotas ([email protected])
    17, Auskaras St #C
    Kauno Apskritis,LT-1009
    Tel. +370.70269072

    Note: This Domain Name is Suspended. In this status the domain name is
    InActive and will not function.
    Interestingly, the domain was paid for by e-Gold at yourwebpoint.com. Perhaps it was a phished e-Gold account?

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