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Thread: Horse Injury

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    Horse Injury

    This is a continuation from another thread @ scam.com :)

    Intro: Ike, a registered Paint, 6 years old gelding approx 15 hands high. He's one of our 'babies'. My wife and I run a horse rescue and he is one of our horses. The boy has a history of hurting himself... but what horse doesn't eh? This afternoon I discovered he had sliced his right front heel... just behind the hoof. He's done this before and we've been able to treat it easily... not this time. The 'slice' involved too much flesh and was way too deep... leaving a piece hanging.
    The Vet had to trank him and remove the piece, then bandage his foot. He is stabled now and on anti-biotics. He'll be fine, but it is going to take some time... at least until March for him to completely heal.

    Hi SP...
    I don't want to post a link since it might violate the link rule... not sure, but I'd rather err on the side of caution... but there is nothing preventing you from viewing my profile... hint,hint.

    Anyway, I am the "Ultimate Amateur" when it comes to riding even though I've been told I'm pretty good. I learned from friends who ride Western. Though, I have heard that the best way to learn is English... you learn more control. I don't ride too much these days since I have a herniated lower disk... don't want to aggrevate it too much (it takes enough of a beating at work...*lol*)

    The horse rescue was my wife's idea... I'm the guy that designed and maintains the web site & works with the horses when they're "having something done" like farrier or vet work... My wife has done a lot in placing horses in either foster homes or adoptive homes. Her network is up to about 15 active volunteers/other rescues.


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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: Horse Injury

    Paul: Nice web site; sent it to my cousin who is an equestrian and programmer/analyst who wrote a 'EXPERT system SOFTWARE' for 'horse breeding ENTERPRISE'.

    As I've been told, you can scam your own web site on this board just like you are doing it now, with the HYPERLINK in your "PaulM SCAM User Profile" referenced in, but not pasted(*.*embedded*.*) in your postings.

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    Re: Horse Injury

    Hey Paul,

    I'm glad the horse is going to be OK. My best friend lives in Ohio and she raises Rocky Mtn. horses.

    My preferences run to quarter horses myself but I like all horses. LOL.


    Lady Mod

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    Re: Horse Injury

    Thanks for the compliment Tommy... it was a bit of a chore to get it just so... since we've only got 'so much' available bandwidth per month, it was a chore to have all the graphics optimized and keep the "site" graphics to a minimum.

    Hi SJA... Our neighbor has a Rocky Mtn next door... he's about 2 years old and full of "P & V"...

    Right now the 'rescue' is full up... can't take any more 'on-site'. However... that is where my wife's network comes in... makes it all possible :)

    Been putting up hay today... MAN... are my arms itchy!!! The best part... I get to do it again tomorrow.

    Ike is going to be fine... I think he does this kind of thing just to keep us on our toes... He's a turd and he knows it *lol*

    SP... glad you liked the site :)


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