I had a lady knock on my door in my secure apartment building.

she was posing as a pizza delivery person,

- there was no company name on her pizza bag or clothes
-her pizza bag was limp as if empty
-there was no scent of food
-the receipt she looked at to confirm she had the right address, was old and crumpled looking and much smaller than any receipt ive ever gotten when ive ordered pizza. more like a old grocery store receipt.
-my neighbor that let her into the building said she left as a passenger in a car driven by another person. unfortunately no plate number.

I live in the east side of Vancouver BC Canada

the more I think about this the more I think it was a burglary team, they even installed 2 cameras in the front lobby of my building because bikes kept getting stoled from dry storage.

she was blonde, little overweight, 5'7" tall, about 40 years old, and got into a white car waiting outside, she came across as a suburban housewife to me.

hope this can help someone

i did a search for "phony pizza delivery lady, vancouver bc" but found nothing, so figured id post something for the next person this happens to.