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    "Judas" Miller Deserves Firing Sqad For Treason

    This filthy wh*re was pimped by The Bush Crime Gang to sell the lies which led to the murder and torture of thousands of innocents by Ameri-Nazi Storm Troopers and mercenaries This has resulted in the destruction of our reputation and the America The World used to respect. Now we are loathed and feared by all good and reasonable people around The Globe and for very sound reasons. This is high treason.

    "I don't care how many awards Judy Miller has, she is a miserable failure who has irreparably harmed her country with bad journalism and by allowing her own personal beliefs to infect her reportage."

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    Re: "Judas" Miller Deserves Firing Sqad For Treason

    Yeah...she was a hero until it was revealed that Rove didn't do it...now she is reviled. LOL

    Freedom of the press...unless liberals don't like you.

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