Based out of corporate office in Chino Hills, CA, I was an employee at this company. The supervisor offered me a new car for what was said to be my promotion and "going green policy". She said, the company would pay for my insurance, gas, servicing, repairs, and back you in accidents claims. Yet, this company hides under the fact they somehow became a Board Certified Behavioral Ananalyst business. They are sprouting up all over California and some other states. The CEO (who is invisible, but they claim is a hands-on guy) is apparently always out of the state or the U.S. Your company email address is spammed by tons of non-related material, like advertisements, information about posters, but somehow always an affiliate for Autism or their corporation. You are forced to ghostwrite 5/5 star fake testimonials to keep their search engine ranking up, simulatulate Facebook posts, and write exaggerated blogs to boost the PCAS image.

Also, this company somehow gets your negative reviews removed from other sites, where the review says it's been flagged to many times and is taken down. It happened to my reviews. When working there, you meet people, even as a lowly $10/hr employee, such as mayors and councilman/women in different cities. One of them coincidentally has a race track with crowded gambling yearly in southern CA. This company eventually says intimidating comments, should you not like the go-green deal and want your Master's Degree as a minimum to become management. Frankly, I do not want a car where someone could just say we don't want to pay your insurance anymore! But your stuck with the vehicle now. The deal is, you keep it and pay out the difference after using it while working there. I have tried to report this company for 2-years as I witnessed a supervisor throw liquid in an Autistic teenagers face. Even though it was lightly, this is a highly abusive work environment and this business called People's Care, Inc. or People's Care Autism Services (PCAS) needs to be shut down! They even provide a huge network of medical clinics for an in-network service where they pay for your life time, low level, health care if you receive a serious injury. I perceive them to be dangerous actually. As the supervisor was hired Internationally, as she expressed to me that's where she received my resume overseas. This is fact on paper. Too much money for one company that can hardly lock up any "clients", or as I call them, "students or children" to their 6-month commitment they require. No one I experienced wanted to stay with them. The cases dropped like flies.