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    Re: Got ripped off on ebay... Here's the 800 #

    eBay 1-800-322-9266 0,0 right away for a human..... goodluck

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    Re: Got ripped off on ebay... What do I do?

    i'm just curious as to how much you paid for this... as of ebay's terms, you must ship items within 30 days, I'm not sure about pre-order things, because I saw TONS of 360's for sale early... i'd try to file w/ ebay or paypal, but they might say it has been too many days after teh auction has ended...

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    Re: Got ripped off on ebay... What do I do?

    Quote Originally Posted by HeadyMo
    :confused: Got ripped off on ebay... What do I do? Do I call my local police department or the sellers? Do I make a small claims case in my state or his? Need answers or steps to resolve this. Also could use 1-800 numbers for ebay and/or paypal since their sites don't like to list those kinds of things... >< Need info fast before seller skips town!
    File a complaint with your local police department. Even assuming that you knew where this seller was located, you can't file a report at a police station from another jurisdication, unless there was some really unique circumstances. Ebay ripoffs are not unique. Your local P.D. will handle it. Depending on your p.d's resources, they may or may not do a further investigation, which would include contacting Ebay for all of the seller's past transactions. You'd be surprised at what type of footprints these thieves unintentionally leave behind. Also,....and this is the most important part....contact your state's Attorney General's Office and make a report. In fact, fax them the police report that you made out at your local PD. If this scam is as widespread as you believe, the resources of the AG's office will be helpful. As for small claims court.....forget it. A resident of one state can't sue a resident in another state in a STATE COURT. If this thief is outside of your state, then your state won't listen to your case. Forget bringing a civil suit if you aren't in the same state as the seller. Criminal charges, however, can always be brought. This is where your local PD and the A.G's Office come in handy. If you want to PM me with the name of this seller, I will do some digging for you. I dig this stuff up for a living. No problem.

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    Re: Got ripped off on ebay... What do I do?

    Hi HeadyMo,

    Your post shows why I was suspended from eBay! I work for a wholesale/import company. We recently started going into the electronics industry (after xbox 360 release) and we have 1000+ pre ordered and coming in by Dec 12-14. After the deal was finalized, I decided to get a head start on the sales and started mass listing on eBay for preorders of the xbox 360 units. This was 11/29/05 5am. At precisely 5:30AM, all of my listings were pulled and my account suspended.
    The funny thing is, there is another ebay seller that is taking pre-orders as well. Was he suspended? NOPE. I wasnt planning on selling that many units on ebay but it seemed to me that ebay was the place to get the most money for this product. Now I know why I was suspended. Ive read in forums that suspensions by Safe Harbor can last forever so I've terminated my paypal account and now looking to get rid of these asap. D*MN THAT GUY WHO SCREWED YOU! HE SCREWED ME TOO!

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