David P. Hampton of Holly Hill, FL (near Daytona Beach) is a con man, liar, fraud and Advance Fee expert. He usually charges an advance fee for facilitating fees, which is illegal by Florida law and what makes it worse never does any part of it, but be aware he will do anything to separate you from your money. He takes your money and strings you along for years with promise after promise while he never had anything close to funding or any funds that he could direct. In my case, he even used people that came to him for funding as the funding source (total fraud)! He has done this OVER 40 times, collected lots of money (over 4 million dollars) and no one has ever received a dime! While this is in process you will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars waiting for the process to be complete, but since it was total fraud in the first place, nothing will ever be funded! He is an excellent liar and the asshole will lie 9 out of 10 times he opens his mouth! Avoid him and never give him a penny until the funds are delivered to your account and that will never happen!

If you would like to know much more about him, my email is Just ask a question and I will tell you what happen to me! He has NEVER caused funding to anyone and never will. The State of Florida is sure that he is a fraud, but they do not think that they can convict him as his main partner in crime has died and canít be in court. Florida wants him badly, but just can not go forward.

Not what I wanted to hear, but be aware that Hampton is NOT someone you ever want trust with your future or finances! The bottom line is that he will get whatever money he can get from you and you might as well to flush your money down the toilet as you will never benefit from any dealings with Hampton!

Dale Engel