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    Rose International Talent Consulting !SCAM!

    :2gunsfiring_v1: Rose International Talent Consulting (www.ritcsginc.com) is a SCAM! I received several "canned" emails telling me there was a job available and that I should apply online at their website. Since it sounded suspicious I called the telephone number in the email and got an answering machine. I replied to the email and got no response. I checked out the website and found out it was registered in Panama, was 2 days old (as of today) and the owner was "hidden". I checked out the "team" members on their website and Google could not connect any of their names to the company. I checked out the listed addresses for their offices and each property manager told me that this company was NOT a tenant in their buildings. This is a scam designed to get job seekers to fill out an "online application" in order to steal their personal information (name, address, social security number, etc). Be careful of unsolicited emails advertising job opportunities and requesting you fill out an online application!

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    Re: Rose International Talent Consulting !SCAM!

    Now, the important point here, is that by making a blanket definition of the word scam so that it covers long running legal MLM's and Out and Out money stealing opportunities like SportsArbitrageInvestor under the one term, you are not conveying accuracy to the general public who regularly lurk in these forums. To say that a company which legitimately (legally) offers an opportuinity (even if it is unlikely), is the same as a company which lies so as to blatently trick people out of money is simply wrong.

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