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    Ted Cruz Schools Global Warming "Journalist"

    a breath of fresh air!

    The solution is...

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    Re: Ted Cruz Schools Global Warming "Journalist"

    Cruz actually tries to convince us that "science" have "shifted" from "global cooling" to "global warming" during the past decades?

    Good Allah... no wonder gullible "science deniers" like conserv falls for this guy!


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    Re: Ted Cruz Schools Global Warming "Journalist"

    another individual like Palin who gets marching orders from God

    those that think GW ain't real as the same idiots who think Obama is a Muslim and that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh ain't union

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    Re: Ted Cruz Schools Global Warming "Journalist"

    LOL... Cruz is fing CLUELESS:

    As the Washington Post’s Chris Mooney points out, Cruz doesn’t even mention that ground-based weather station data and sea-based buoy data are telling a very different story (that the Earth is getting hotter), nor does he argue why satellite data is more reliable than those two other data sets.

    Mooney goes on to explain that Cruz’s “17 years” claim is backed up by a blog post from physicist Carl Mears, who feels that his points have been misrepresented.

    Mr. Cruz (and others who seek to minimize the threat posed by climate change) likes to cite statistics about the last 17 years because 17 years ago, the Earth was experiencing a large ENSO [El Nino-Southern Oscillation] event and the observed temperatures were substantially above normal, and above any long-term trend line a reasonable person would draw. When one starts their analysis on an extraordinarily warm year, the resulting trend is below the true long term trend. It’s like a pro baseball player deciding he’s having a batting slump three weeks after a game when he hit three homers because he’s only considering those three weeks instead of the whole season.


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