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    NOneedtosurf.com - scam ?

    Anyone can tell me? I signed up only for $5, but no news from them after that. Emailed them several times but no reply.

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    Re: NOneedtosurf.com - scam ?

    You got scammed buddy, let them have the $5 and make sure you never ever ever sign up for anything on the net without really checking it out!
    A great way to check it out is to use this site right here =)

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    Re: NOneedtosurf.com - scam ?

    I am one of the owners of noneedtosurf.com. We are certenly not a scam! You must have signed up for our randomizer. The randomizer is a 2 step processs, the first is to pay a random member $5, the second is to pay the admin fee of $1.50, if you don't do this you will not receive a confimation e-mail and will not be entered into the randomizer. I don't know your e-mail address but I am sure I have never gotten an e-mail from you. I do answer ALL e-mails within 2 days.

    Thank you,

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