I see a lot of posts and threads here at this and other forums about autosurf with programs like 4daily, Studiotraffic, 12dailypro, aussie earners etc.
I do not care anything about whether these autosurf programs are scams or ponzis or whatever, because I cheat them all.
Maybe they are scams, maybe they are not.
To make money with them via the lazy way, do the following:
1. Join all of them you can find but not 12dailypro.
2. Configure your firewall to block all sites, except those you joined. It will help to create a custom profile for it.
3. Login to all of them, but do not open new windows, use tabs.
4. Start surfing all of them in the different tabs.
5. The firewall will block all other sites so you will see in each tab just the surf bar of each program and a message from your anti vrus program or firewall that the page supposed to display is blocked.
6. You will after some time reach payout level with some of the programs. Withdraw, join 12dailypro and upgrade 12dailypro.
7. From now whenever you can withdraw, upgrade your studiotraffic account because they seem to be the most reliable of all.
8. You can even determine your own ranking system for the programs like you first upgrade A, then B, then C when your free accounts reach payout level.

You must use tabbed browsing - so stuff IE because IE cannot for now let you use tabbed browsing, IE 7 will - not open new windows for each program and block all the sites except those you joined, then start all of them autosurfing at the same time then you will not get caught that you are not watching one single advertisement and it will be quick.

In any case for me it sucks to watch advertisements of more than 20 different programs at the same time, or even just one, because it is so boring and I am so very lazy.

You can start everything just before you go to sleep. Stuff those 'bonus' 4 credits or few cents some sites give you randomly.
When you get back to your PC, close all tabs of the programs that completed your autosurf amount for the day and where your session expired before the required amount was surfed just login again, start them and go drink your morning coffee while it completes.

When all surfing is completed, change your firewall profile to allow the other sites and play games or whatever you use the Internet for.

Happy autosurfing.