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    Jeunesse Buys Monavie

    Hey, look! A thread started by Len, but not about Len!

    So Twitter blew up this afternoon with talk of Jeunesse havine just bought Monavie. A reliable souce has confirmed it.


    Mine... Can't tell you. Jeunesse is a defendant in a case I'm currently working on. And, for the record (come on, in this context how could I not say it?), I'm working on behalf of the plaintiff.

    Technically, Monavie's spin off, called Mynt, has common ownership, and many of the same reps. So, for lack of a better analogy, will Jeunesse also get Mynt, or only adopt it's conjoined twin after successful seperation surgery? Yeah, there probably was a better one.

    Want to start a pool as to what date Mynt files suit against Jeunesse for rading?

    I pick... hmm... July 15th, 2015.
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    Re: Jeunesse Buys Monavie


    In this law suit crazy world where anyone can sue anyone for any reason, true or not, my money is on suit being guaranteed against Jeunesse.

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