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    Assembling Crafts

    I fell for this one a long time ago. Assemble crafts at home it said. Make lots of money it said. Work in your spare time it said. Set your own hours it said. All you have to do is purchase this beginner kit and get started. While you at it, you may want to purchase the DVD on how to assemble the craft and the glue gun to work with. Well, I ordered it all but never, ever was able to meet their expectations or criteria. All they were doing was selling craft kits. I think I dropped about $50.00 which is not a lot but still.....

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    Re: Assembling Crafts

    Honestly, if you're any good at doing crafts, you're better off just having your own arts and crafts business. Use Etsy as a platform to showcase your wares. Then start creating a presence on social media to get more traffic. You're a thousand times better off working for yourself than slaving away making pennies for someone else. Just how I see it.

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